More US digital marketing statistics for you this week.

Highlights include a user milestone for LinkedIn, the changing revenues of US newspapers and consumer attitudes towards digital advertising in automotive. And lots more, of course.

Enjoy, and make sure you take a look at the Econsultancy Internet Statistics Compendium for more stats.

1. US newspaper digital revenue

Research from the Newspaper Association of America shows the changing revenue streams for US media. 

  • Total revenue for 2013 was $37.59bn, a decrease of 2.6% from 2012.
  • $23.57bn (63%) came from advertising.
  • $10.87bn (29%) came from circulation.
  • Revenue from digital channels increased 5.8% year-on-year (YoY). Digital advertising, subscriptions, agency-style services and others accounted for 12% of total industry revenue.
  • Digital advertising rose to $3.42bn and accounted for 19% of advertising revenue.
  • Pure-play advertising increased 14%.
  • Mobile advertising revenue, though less than 1% of total revenue, increased 77% YoY.

us newspaper revenue

2. Agencies and clients

The 2014 SoDA Report, featuring Econsultancy’s Digital Marketing Outlook Study looks at the relationship between clients and agencies.

736 respondents, 36% from the US answered a number of questions and revealed the following: 

  • 62% of clients work with two agencies or fewer.
  • 2014 has seen a 21% increase in agencies reporting work based on a retainer fee.
  • The number of agencies providing this education rose 25% in relative terms.
  • In 2013, campaign spend was increasing, but in 2014 more than 50% of clients are maintaining the status quo when it comes to campaign spend.
  • 50% of agency respondents had a product incubator or innovation lab. 

soda report number of agencies working with clients

3. Facebook results

Facebook has reported profits of $642m during the first quarter of 2014. 

  • A big increase in mobile advertising was the main factor pushing revenue up by 72%.
  • Revenue hit $2.5bn, January to March.
  • Mobile accounts for 59% of advertising revenue, up from 30% for the same quarter last year.
  • Facebook’s user figure hit 1.28bn, with more than a billion accessing the site through a mobile device.

4. Apple results

Apple, too, released its quarterly results and they looked like this:  

  • Revenue of $45.6bn, up 4% YoY.
  • 43.7m iPhones sold, up 17% YoY.
  • 16.35m iPads sold, down 16% YoY.
  • 4.1m Macs sold.
  • 2.76m iPods sold.
  • Gross margin of 39.3%. 

5. Experiential marketing for luxe products

A survey by Wealth-X showed more than 90% of luxury executives think experiential marketing is crucial to their brand’s ability to connect with ultra wealthy clients.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is seen as a vehicle for brand awareness (86%), not for increasing sales.

  • 16% did not use digital marketing at all. 
  • 68% of respondents felt that ultra big net worth (UHNW) clients do not respond to digital marketing campaigns.
  • 53% did not use any form of social media.

6. LinkedIn hits 300m users

LinkedIn recently hit 300m registered users worldwide. Check out the infographic for more info on the growth of LinkedIn.

(click to enlarge)

linkedin infographic 

7. Automotive digital advertising

Nielsen’s Global Survey of Automotive Demand surveyed more than 30,000 online consumers in 60 countries. 

  • 46% of respondents found automotive advertising via websites was “very helpful” when considering purchase.
  • 42% said the same about advertising on TV.
    • 32% agreed, for magazines.
    • 29% for newspapers.
    • 21% for mobile.
    • And 20% for radio ads.
  • Brand websites were considered the most informative (65%), followed by review websites (41%) and dealer websites (38%). 
  • 34% of respondents said they found social media most helpful. 23% preferred video sites with product demonstrations. 

8. Data scientists

Burtch Works has conducted interviews with 171 data scientists. The results reveal the following: 

  • 88% of data scientists are male, 12% are female.
  • Data scientists have a median of nine years work experience.
  • 88% of data scientists have at least a Master’s degree, 46% have a PhD.
  • The tech industry employed 40% of respondents.
  • Median salaries for practitioners ranged from $80,000 (1-3 years experience) to $155,500 (9+ years experience).
  • Median salaries for managers varied from $140,000 (1-3 direct reports) to $240,000 (10+ reports). 

9. Word-of-Mouth marketing

Two thirds of marketers believe word-of-mouth marketing is more effective than traditional marketing, according to a survey by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association and the American Marketing Association. However, they struggle to measure it effectively.

  • 89% of marketers stated they had problems calculating offline word-of-mouth, while 79% said the same about social online.
  • 85% of respondents said they couldn’t prove the ROI of word-of-mouth.
  • Consequently WOM was not a major budget item in most companies’ marketing plans, coming well down the pecking order behind customer service (54%), email marketing (40%), customer relationship management (39%) and digital advertising (36%).
  • 29% of smaller companies described social media marketing as a major category, compared to 20% of larger companies.
  • Word-of-mouth marketing is seen mainly as a tactic to increase brand awareness, with 82% of respondents identifying this as a major objective.

10. Social presence

Seven out of 10 consumers prefer a business with a social media presence, according to secondary research by GoDaddy.

For more findings, check out the infographic below.

godaddy infographic