This post presents 10 shortcuts to Google Analytics reports and dashboards for publishers, bloggers and content marketers.

I’ve compiled these from various sources, but I’m sure there’ll be some more useful reports out there, so please share them in the comments… 

If you are logged into your Google Analytics, just click the download links, and the reports and dashboards can be saved to your acount. 

Custom analytics reports

When are people viewing your content?

Scheduling articles for maximum impact is a fine art. It it’s not news-based or time sensitive, then it makes sense to get the timings right.

I find that publish time can make a lot of difference to the success of a post. 

This one comes from Dan Barker, and using this you can see which days of the week are most popular, and use the data to experiment with your publishing schedule: 

Download time of day report

Which keywords are bringing visitors to your articles? 

This report strips out the branded keywords and shows visits, goal completions and revenue. This allows you to see which terms are driving traffic to the site, which can inform your publishing and SEO strategy. 

You’ll need to go in and edit the report to exclude your own branded keywords. 

Download non-branded keyword report

Content impact report

This one shows some very useful metrics together in one report: number of bounces, average time on page, and can be used to show goals. (in our case this is things like report downloads, emails sign ups etc).

Download content impact report 

Referring sites report

This one came from Anna Lewis from Koozai, and shows referring sites alongside goal completions and conversion rates so you can see which traffic is the most valuable. 

Download referring sites report

Real-time dashboards

A content marketing dashboard

This displays a number of useful content metrics for an at-a-glance view.

Download content marketing dashboard

Blogger dashboard

Thanks to Dashboard Junkie for this one, which shows some key blogging metrics, including most popular posts, how people find you and where the links are coming from, all in real-time. 

Download blogger dashboard

Realtime overview dashboard

This is my go-to realtime dashboard, partly because I just like looking at moving charts and numbers.

It provides a quick, at-a-glance overview of key metrics. It’s also more useful than the standard realtime view in Google Analytics.

Download overview dashboard

70 facts about visitors

This dashboard provides a host of useful information about your visitors: where they’re coming from, which devices they’re using, screen resolutions, and so on. 

(Thanks to Dashboard Junkie)

Download visitor facts dashboard

Content marketing dashboard

This has been on my analytics profile for ages, and I’m not sure who to give credit to (apologies if it’s you). 

Again, a useful overview. I’m often looking at it, hoping for that blog pages per visit number to go up…

Download content marketing metrics dashboard

Social media dashboard

This is from Justin Cutroni, a mine of useful information on Google Analytics. 

It contains some very useful social data. I particularly like the on-site social actions and socially shared content widgets. 

Download social dashboard

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