It seems fair to say that Twitter has truly hit the mainstream in recent months, as well as the mainstream media, especially now that it is being used as a communication and broadcasting tool by our revolutionary-minded Persian friends.

The range of Twitter uses are as broad as they are deep, despite initial concerns about the 140-character framework and those lame ‘feeding the cat’ or ‘going to the shop’ tweets. As such I thought it would be a good idea to collate a bunch of recent Slideshare presentations that explore how Twitter can be used, catering for all levels of adoption.

Hopefully these slides will prove useful if you’re just starting out (see my tips for beginner’s post if you are), and also if you’re a more advanced Twitter user (you can skip through the basics for the meatier stuff).


Twitter: Who Cares What You’re Doing Right Now, Anyway?

By Scott Abel.

How Twitter Changed My Life

By Minxuan Lee.

The Tao of Twitter: An intro guide

By David Griner.

Twitter Changes Everything

Via Gravity Summit.

Become A Twitter Ninja

By Warren Sukernek.

Twitter O Reilly

Via First Last.

Twitter For Business: A Step By Step

By 360digitalinfluence.

Twitter: A Social Web Tool for PR

By Bernhard Hofer.

WordPress & Twitter: It takes two to make your blog go right.

By Wayne Sutton.

Twitter As A Tool For Journalism

By John einar Sandvand.
[Image by carrotcreative via Flickr, various rights reserved]