Making calls on your mobile phone can get quite expensive, especially when calling internationally.

Fortunately, there are now a number of great mobile VoIP services that make international calling from mobile phones dirt cheap.

Here are 10 of them.

  • Truphone

    The Truphone application makes it easy to call abroad from your mobile over Wi-Fi. Calls to landlines and other mobiles are incredibly cheap and calls to other Truphone users are free. Truphone supports the iPhone, Blackberrys and a wide array of Nokia handsets.

  • Fring

    Fring is an incredibly awesome mobile application that not only allows you to talk for free using VoIP on your mobile, but also allows you to use Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, Twitter, AIM and Yahoo on the go as well.

  • Ringfree

    Ringfree offers a slick iPhone mobile VoIP service that, like Fring, offers a number of popular instant messaging services as well.

  • sipgate

    Yet another free VoIP application for the iPhone, sipgate allows you to connect to use your favorite VoIP services, like Skype. Yes, the iPhone is the phone of choice for mobile VoIP.

  • Skype

    Skype’s Java-based application is available on many popular handsets.

  • Nimbuzz

    Nimbuzz is a Java-based application that, in addition to VoIP calls, supports popular instant messaging applications.

  • Gizmo5

    Gizmo5’s wonderful application, which is available on many handsets, offers free calling to Gizmo5 members, low cost calling to landlines and mobiles and a host of other features, including IM, text messaging and group chat.

  • Talkonaut

    Talkonaut offers VoIP calling and IM for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java-enabled handsets.


    If you have an iPhone, JAJAH offers an application. For those with a web-enabled mobile, there’s a download-free mobile web solution.

  • iCall

    iCall’s slick iPhone application is well integrated with the iPhone’s address book capabilities.