This week, a few marketing bits and bobs have made it into Econsultancy’s anti-format round-up of crazy stuff from the web.

Don’t let that deter you good souls from taking a great big draught from our interweb chalice. Drink it down, there’s a good boy.

Of course, refer back to our regular blog content and research if you want some serious best practice advice.

Sinister ’70s photograph of the week

This, from Joe Saunders. Do follow him on Twitter.

Social media experiment of the week

Most social experiments are rubbish; this one’s quite enjoyable.

Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, gif of the week


Rob Ford/Chris Farley mash-up of the week


Jean-Claude Van Damme gifs of the week

On the back of the massive success this week of Van Damme in these Volvo truck ads, I thought I’d gather these two beauties for you. The yin and yang of JCVD.


Bah humbug of the week

Red Letter Days has rightly noticed that miserable shoppers in search of a miserable white-water rafting experience don’t always want to confront the misery of Christmas.

Hey presto! They’ve allowed me to peel away the Christmassy homepage, revealing its secular core.

‘A-peel-ing’ website design.

Magic advertising of the week

Wildlife of the week

First off, this video isn’t what you think. It’s that performance, yes, but described by the great David Attenborough.

We are animals, let’s not forget that as we castigate those thrusting crotches and licking hammers. Licking hammers is in our DNA (one specific allele, you either lick them or you don’t)!

Nuclear time-lapse of the week

This is a terrifyingly beautiful little video. Stick with it for a few minutes or skip along to see how the count continues.

Mesmerising and depressing.

Andrew Warren-Payne quote of the week

The best quote from this week from the mouth of our most English of analysts, this week talking about his drunken travels, a la this chap.

I woke up in Istanbul. It’s called the ‘nano-break’. I also woke up in Bremen.