It’s the weekly round-up of amazing stuff we’ve found on the internet that has no consistent title but boy, its intent is as strong and true as ever.

Lofty claims for a round-up of Robot Jox GIFs and Game of Thrones sex-maps, but still, there’s room for all in this cultural stew of ours.

Now its time for your tasty portion of internet stew served by a friendly matron who has only dropped a tiny amount of cigarette ash into the bowl.


Here is a collection of famous photographs rendered entirely in delicious non-toxic Play-Doh.

Yes, that seems like that’s something that hasn’t been done before.

Deep in Duckburg

Sensual slow-jam of the Duck Tales theme anyone? Here you go then…

Baffling apparel of the week

I just like the way that the multiple heads of Nicholas Cage flatter my figure. Plus they’re excellent for cage-fighting. Oh hang on, I just got the joke.

I think our new intern would approve.

Wes Anderson mix-tape

There are supercuts, and then there are beautifully crafted montages that somehow make an artist’s work seem even more appealing and then you previously thought.

Take that, supercuts. Stairs! Of course, stairs!

The Thunderdome of Photoshop battles

An image of a terrified girl being attacked by a pigeon in London led to an epic Photoshop battle between Redditors.

Here’s the image…

And here are some of the shots fired…

Check out the full Reddit war here.


How How I Met Your Mother should have ended. It’s the Poochie cut… 

How hipsters are ruining beards 

Written by Nicki Daniels for Beardsy, the site for beard aficionados, here’s an open letter to all ironic wearers of oil-sculpted beards. You’re ruining it for her! (We’re).

Looking sharp there, David 

These classical sculptures have been given a modern, and some might say heinous, update with contemporary trendy attire.

It’s interesting from a humanising perspective and makes me think “sure I’d look great in an open buttoned denim shirt too if I had been chiselled at for a decade”.

Learn to finger-click the Super Mario Bros theme tune

At least he got this on camera for posterity before crippling arthritis took away his only skill.

The most miserable My Little Pony

Ah go brush your own hair, you lousy no-good…

Courtesy of Grimmrock08. Possibly not their real name.


We have a rule in the internet round-up biz: always leave the kitten video till last.

That’s your lot for this week. Internet safely and responsibly until we see you again next week. By that I mean, try not to drunkenly buy too much rubbish from eBay tonight.

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