Moving away from the stop-motion of previous efforts, this tackles the classic tale of Sisyphus with the gravitas of the Chuckle Brothers.


A quick glimpse into the semi-near future. And to think, by then we’ll have already seen the new Star Wars movie and life will be meaningless again.

National Geographic

Yeah, that’s right, you bitter cold-hearted cynics…


Yeah, that’s right, you bitter cold… What was that sorry? No I’ve never heard that phrase before. Why is the pot even talking to a kettle?


Re-enacting the breathless Black Friday rush using Hyperlapse. Footage where they beat a fellow customer to death over a HD TV is thankfully missing.


Yeah, “just jump”, I mean… how hard can it be, right? 


Cara Delevingne loses her mind for TopShop in a rather captivating way.

J Crew

Ah puns, you had me at trunks. Whatever comes after doesn’t even matter.

Virgin America

The only good delay. That includes the guitar sound of U2. Wait no, that’s the only good thing about U2.   


I remember watching loads of videos in school about the dangers of plastic ring holders on badgers and other such wildlife. Coca-Cola seems to have left this important message out of the following video. Think of the badgers Coca-Cola!


I always like to end on a weird one. Here’s some chicken. Really really slow.

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