1. Introducing The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

Strategy, format, content type, platform, metrics, goals, sharing triggers, checklist. These are the groups of content marketing elements that share similar properties.

Stick it up in your office, if only for the sherbet colours.

periodic table of content marketing

2. Introducing the Small Business Online Resource Manager

The template file is a resource available only to Econsultancy subscribers. You can check out how it works in the corresponding blog post.

If, like me, you could do with a little more order in your life, then this is the tool for you.

online business resource manager

3. How to bring PR in house

PR. It’s one of those really tricky skills. You might not think you have the network or the time but bringing in an agency doesn’t always give you the results you want. You know your business better than anyone.

This great series of posts from Ryan Sommer, who used to do exactly this for Econsultancy, is a must.  

bringing PR in house

4. 10 characteristics of a digitally friendly company

Here’s Paul Boag with 10 phrases that CEOs, COOs, CDOs, CMOs, CFOs should write out and tattoo on the inside of an arm.


5. Ingredients for a content strategy

James Carson gives a complete guide for what to look at when setting your content strategy.

It’s a fine and beefy post but it’s one that needs consuming.

6. Killer keywords for email subject lines

The incomparable Parry Malm shares some analysis here of 2.2bn emails, shedding objective light on what works and generally doesn’t.

Very useful.

7. Useful custom dashboards for Google Analytics 

These custom dashboards are simple to add and provide powerful insight. Can’t say fairer than that.

ga dashboard

8. Introducing tips for improving ecommerce page speed

James Gurd here, with a handy page speed checklist if your customers aren’t hanging around until your pages load.


9. A personalization roadmap for ecommerce

James Gurd again. Personalization is one of those trends; some companies are already quite sophisticated and others have just started on their journey. 

James’ approach is stepped and simple. If you’re just starting out or if you’re only halfway, perhaps pinning up some of these images will help bring some perspective. 

a step for personalization on email signup

10. 34 types of blog post that work wonders 

Short for blog post ideas? Here are a princely 34 types of post you can knock up.

light bulb

11. Introducing 24 tools and resources for marketing beginners

Simply hand this to your new recruits and tell them to get stuck in.

baby girl