When not writing incisive commentary on big US brand’s social video strategy, giving new bloggers helpful advice on setting up a WordPress site or searching around the Topshop website wondering where my youth has gone, I’m also just staring blankly at the internet.

Occasionally during my comatose-like revery, something registers as vaguely interesting, and when it does I wipe the drool from my mouth and add the link to a little document on my desktop called ‘stuff that is good on the internet that I should tell people about’.

Here are the contents of that very document, spilled out on to your monitor like a fisherman who has cut open a net of bottom-feeding suction eels onto the deck of his trawler.


Laughing alone with salad

LeanIn.org and Getty Images have jointly curated a new library of stock photos depicting images of realistic women going about their lives in a normal, authentic manner.

Why was this necessary? Time reveals just how sexist and woefully patronising those original stock photos were in its brilliant comparison article.


Making the fridge door redundant

Spotify has created its own ‘online fridge poetry’ tool. With this you can write your own poem from any song titles in the Spotify library.

Here I’ve created my own romantic ode using only Boyz II Men lyrics.

Just call me R&B Yeats. 

I also like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain…

Welcome to Piña Colliding, a Tumblr site dedicated to inserting the tropical cool sounds of ‘Escape (The Piña Colada Song)’ by Rupert Holmes into the most tense scenes of cinematic drama. Click on the image below for a slightly less distressing version of that scene from The Lion King.

This will be the only way I watch the end of Seven from now on.

Now spell ‘hadouken’

It’s the Sesame Street/Street Fighter mash-up you’ve been dreaming of. I think we’ll call it…

It’s great because it’s all about your spelling skills and not about pressing buttons randomly. It’s disappointing because you can’t rip out Grover’s spine after spelling ‘giraffe’ correctly. But then if this was a Mortal Kombat mash-up the original pun would be lost and that would be a shame.

Hack the Menu

What I thought I knew about the world is wrong. There are layers. Multiple layers that live far, far below this rigid, rule-based society of ours. It’s a wonderful place down there. One full of wonder, invention and type 2 diabetes.

Welcome to the world of the ‘secret menu’.

Do you know that you can order a Big McChicken from McDonalds (a Big Mac with chicken instead of bread) or a Twix Frappuccino from Starbucks?

Mind blown! Just try not to tell many people about it okay.

“WRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…” went the woodchipper

Josh Cooley is a story supervisor/professional hunk (self-proclaimed) at Pixar and also makes a nice trade in creating these brilliant prints of classic movie scenes reimagined as child’s storybook illustrations.

Click below for the whole collection.

The mysterious beast known as ‘word bank’

Rarer than a unicorn, easier to spell than a narwhal.

Unstoppable meme of the week

So very close to toppling this guy as my favourite meme of all time. Although I have been laughing at that one for over a year now so it’s a tough battle.

Will draw tweets for food/recognition/something to fill the interminable passage of time

This guy draws your tweets…

He doesn’t take submissions, he just surprises a random follower with his whimsical doodling.

Whatever keeps him from doing caricature art on the street is fine by me.

Take that Dan Barker!

Netflix introduces a more realistic subscription plan

Via the most respected and trusted news outlet in the world, the Onion News Network.

I’ll just sneak the weekly LEGO reference down the bottom here

Andrew Whyte toured the world with his little LEGO buddy for a 365 series of photographs, all shot on an iPhone 4S.

Click below for the collection.

That’s your lot for this week. Me and the internet are off down Tottenham Court Road tube station to busk for an hour. Any spare change will be appreciated. No requests though.

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