Welcome to another edition of our regular US digital marketing stats round-up. 

This week we’ll be covering Super Bowl 50 (obviously), mobile, emails, Valentine’s Day and much more. 

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60% of mobile ad clicks are accidental

Three-fifths of clicks on mobile banner ads may be accidental due to finger scrolling on devices with small screens, according to a new report from Retale.

Other key findings include:

  • 66% of users say mobile banner ads have little to no value.
  • 68% think accidental clicks are ‘annoying’.

Valentine’s Day spend increased $1.6bn from 2014-2015

Last year Valentine’s Day saw a massive increase in national spending, achieving $1.6bn (9%) YoY growth, according to a new infographic from The Shelf.

Check out the infographic below for lots more stats:

valentine's day digital marketing stats infographic

Carolina Panthers dominate NFL social media

Super Bowl might be behind us, and the Panthers certainly didn’t win it, but they were the most successful team on social media this season, according to a set of infographics from TrackMaven

The graphs below plot all the teams based on their engagement on social media (y axis) and the percentage of games they won this season (x axis). 


nfl team social media performance facebook


nfl team social media performance Twitter

Doritos most talked-about brand at Super Bowl

Doritos was mentioned 89,000 times on social media during the Super Bowl, making it the most widely discussed brand of the event, according to new figures from Brandwatch. 

Pepsi came in second with 38,000 mentions, followed by Pokemon (27,000), Mountain Dew (23,000) and Budweiser (20,000). 

#PuppyMonkeyBaby most popular Super Bowl hashtag

The same Brandwatch study also found that #PuppyMonkeyBaby was the most popular hashtag during Sunday’s big game, being tweeted 65,000 times. 

Second was #AvosInSpace with 16,000 tweets, then #CrashTheSuperbowl (14,000), #Pokemon20 (12,000) and #OLEDisHere (8,300). 

Doritos ‘Ultrasound’ ad takes Super Bowl crown

The ad from Doritos was shared 893,465 times in the run-up to the Super Bowl, making it by far the most popular video ad of the event, according to figures from Unruly Analytics. 

By comparison, T-Mobile’s ‘Restricted Bling’ ad – the second most shared – had just 346,854 views. 

The top 10 Super Bowl ads by shares are as follows:

1. Doritos – ‘Ultrasound’
Total shares: 893,465

2. T-Mobile – ‘Restricted Bling’
Total Shares: 346,854

3. Budweiser – ‘#Give’
Total shares: 301,317

4. Pokemon – ‘#Pokemon20’
Total shares: 297,706

5. Heinz – ‘Wiener Stampede’ (extended)
Total shares: 295,805

6. Hyundai – ‘First Date’
Total shares: 245,656

7. Mountain Dew – ‘#PuppyMonkeyBaby’
Total shares: 158,481

8. T-Mobile – ‘Restricted Bling’
Total shares – 124,551

9. T-Mobile – ‘Drop the Balls’
Total shares – 113,668

10. Heinz – ‘Wiener Stampede’ (shortened)
Total shares 111,643 

Mobile usage drops 36% in hour preceding super bowl

Total mobile usage dropped by 36% in the hour before the Super Bowl kicked-off compared to levels earlier in the day, according to figures from Fetch. 

Other key findings include:

  • From kick-off, mobile usage increased by 47% – back to 1pm levels – as users made the most of multiscreen opportunities.
  • Usage remained high throughout the game, before slumping 29% an hour after full-time.
  • Throughout the game mobile responsiveness (how people responded to mobile advertising) fell by 10% compared with pre-game levels. 

Super Bowl 50 ads achieved 2.6x the views of Super Bowl 49 ads

Perhaps more indicative of the way online viewing in general has evolved, but Super Bowl 50 YouTube ads achieved 2.6x the views of and 38% more shares than the Super Bowl 49 ones, according to a report from Pixability. 

Other key findings include:

  • The top Super Bowl ad on YouTube generated 4.4m more views than the top Super Bowl ad on Facebook.
  • Through the big game, food industry ads (led by Doritos) generated 75% of Facebook chatter, followed by automotive industry ads.
  • Honda overwhelmingly generated the most mentions on Instagram through the Super Bowl, followed by Bud Light and Acura.

Ads accounted for 22% of total Super Bowl 50 broadcast

This was the second most cluttered game ever, with ads accounting for almost a quarter of all broadcast content during Super Bowl 50, according to figures from Kantar Media.

Other key findings include:

  • First time advertisers accounted for more than a quarter (27%) of all ad time during the game.
  • Nearly half of 2015’s advertisers did not return in 2016 – there was an attrition rate of 45%.
  • There was a sharp drop in longer length commercials compared with 2015 and 2014.
  • Hashtags were a more popular call to action than URLs in ads’ social elements.

Mobile accounted for 68% of email opens in 2015

More than two thirds of emails were opened on a mobile device last year, according to a new report from Movable Ink. 

The split was 52% smartphone and 16% tablet, while desktop accounted for 32% of opens. 

email open rates by device 2015

In terms of industry, retail was significantly ahead in terms of mobile email opens. 63% of all retail emails last year were opened on a mobile device. 

Desktop still leads on conversions, however, with 53% of all 2015 email conversions happening on a desktop device.  

Email conversion rates by device 2015

List posts best for Valentine’s Day shares

If you’re looking to get heard this Valentine’s Day, the content types that get the most shares are lists, videos and ‘how-to’ articles, according to a new 2016 content calendar from Alexa. 

According to the calendar, the average number of social shares for Valentine’s Day content is 1,728 and the best social networks for achieving shares are Facebook and Twitter.

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