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This is the last online marketing stats round-up before Christmas, a time when we can all down our data-vizs, forget all about data and remember we had a family.

This week it’s a treasure trove of online video, spam emails, social brands, yet more Black Friday madness and much more.

First off, a glut of stats from Akamai and YouGov.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Bring New Retail Traffic Peak

The marketing flurry that accompanied the Black Friday sales of Friday 28th November in Europe resulted in a sharp rise in peak retail traffic volumes of almost three times their 2014 baseline traffic levels and almost four times their average 2013 levels, according to Akamai.

  • The biggest surge in traffic was Black Friday, with levels peaking at 280% the 2014 baseline, and 360% the 2013 baseline. 
  • The peaks on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday clearly show that these traditionally American shopping days have well and truly arrived in Europe.  
  • The UK is leading Black Friday adoption in Europe, contributing heavily to the Europe traffic peak.  

Mobile traffic continues to increase

In 2013, it was reported that UK mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic throughout the holiday season for the first time. 2014 is reinforcing these findings. Across Akamai’s customer base in the UK and Ireland, mobile devices have accounted for 52% of traffic this holiday season. 

High street vs. online

One quarter of British consumers won’t use the high street for Christmas shopping

YouGov online research asked respondents to name the different methods they have used or plan to use for Christmas shopping: 25% are not planning to visit any physical stores this year but shop online using their desktop (25%), laptop (43%), tablet (20%) or smartphone (16%). 

Only 2% expect to conduct any Christmas shopping over the telephone.  Across the Akamai customer base in the UK and Ireland, mobile devices have accounted for 52% of observed traffic this holiday season, with desktop devices accounting for 48%. 

Additional findings from the online YouGov survey include:

  • 86% of respondents will shop online over the festive period.
  • 43% of respondents say they will do most online shopping between 1st and 25th December.
  • 28% said that they will have done most of their online shopping in November, with 32% of women stating this compared with 23% of men.
  • Concerns about cybercrime rise broadly with age and over three quarters (77%) of respondents aged 55+ are likely to stop using an online service or retailer if they had seen media reports stating a site had been affected by cybercrime. 65% of respondents in general are fairly or very likely to do the same.

Online video is a key area of weakness for Internet retailers

Although 90% of consumers watch video, and those who do are 1.8x more likely to buy than non-viewers, the vast majority of internet retailers are missing out on this opportunity. 

Conductor carried out site-specific searches on the top 100 retailers in its 2014 Internet Retailer 500 list to see how the biggest online merchants were performing in video SEO and found that IR 100 retailers vary widely in video indexing, but the majority cluster towards the bottom. 

Though the straight average number of videos indexed is 36,620, only 16 retailers have more than 10,000 videos on their site. 

MTV is the most ‘loved’ brand on social

The Love List has been created using Hootsuite’s analytics tool uberVU to calculate which brands receive the most ‘love’ on social media, based on the number of brand mentions, sentiment score and the percentage of social conversations containing the word ‘love’ over the past month.

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Non-marketing stat of the week

The average American uses 730 crayons by the age of 10.

Tablets set to top the charts this Christmas

Conjure commissioned OnePoll to survey 2,000 Brits on their shopping plans, and found that more than one in six Brits (15.7%) will have bought a tablet by the time the dust settles on the holiday season.

Conjure’s research suggests that only 7.4% of Brits will buy smart watches as gifts for others (or for themselves) this Christmas, suggesting that many of the nation’s adults are waiting for the launch of the Apple Watch before splashing out on a smart device for their wrists.

Additionally, the popularity of fitness trackers looks to be on the wane, with just one in 20 Brits (5.3%) having bought a data-capturing band by the end of the holiday season.

Santa will also be kept busy delivering smartphones this Christmas – the now ubiquitous devices are the second most popular item on the nation’s tech shopping list and well over one in 10 Brits (13.4%) will have picked up a connected handset by the end of December.

Google Glass remains a niche product with only 3.9% of Brits planning to buy connected goggles for Christmas; the eye-watering price tag attached to Google Glass (£1,000) is likely to have ruled the device out as an option for most.

Monty is the most ‘compelling’ high street Christmas ad

This is according to a study by Realeyes which measured people’s facial reactions as they watched ads.

Almost 1,500 people agreed to have their faces measured via their own computer webcam so Realeyes could determine their emotional reactions to Christmas ads from 25 high street brands. In total, the research incorporated over 2.2m facial data points.

“Monty the Penguin” scored 84% on the emotionally compelling scale, a combined measure of how the ad scores on attraction, retention, engagement and impact.

Monty narrowly beat Harvey Nichols’ “Could I be any clearer” (80%) ad on helping people avoid unwanted gifts using Christmas cards designed to point the reader in the right direction. The Post Office’s “Get Christmas All Wrapped Up” featuring Robert Webb and Pixie Lott was third (68%).

The inaugural SPAMMYS

Unroll.me has revealed the company with the highest number of unsubscriber in its first ever Spammy Awards…

Top unsubscribed subscriptions

2nd Place: Moveon.org (48% unsubscribe rate)

3rd Place: Jetsetter (47% unsubscribe rate)

4th Place: Monster (44% unsubscribe rate)

5th Place: SlideShare (44% unsubscribe rate)

Sends the most emails

2nd Place: Groupon (276 emails/user)

3rd Place: Facebook (251 emails/user)

4th Place: LinkedIn (193 emails/user)

5th Place: Twitter (116 emails/user)

Non-marketing infographic of the week

Is once again from those magnificent people at Information is Beautiful. Click below for the much larger version of the most common misconceptions.

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