Here are some of the finest Instagram videos from January 2014, or Instavids as nobody in their right mind calls them.

I’ve been doing a monthly round-up of the best branded Vines for some time now (here’s the latest edition: best branded Vines of January 2014) and I thought that in the interest of balance, I’d do the same for Instagram’s eight month old social video tool.

I’ve explained the difference between the platforms in Instagram’s 15 second video vs Vine’s six seconds and at the time of writing that article, October 2013, brands absolutely dominated Instagram’s video service with 40% of the 1,000 most shared Instagram videos being from brands.

In 8th Bridge’s latest Social Commerce report it’s revealed that, out of 872 brands surveyed, 69% of brands have adopted Instagram since its launch in 2010.

Vine is catching up fast though.

Let’s take a look at which brands are doing the best work with the longer social video format. Here are the best branded Instagram videos from January 2014 (or thereabouts):


I can’t begin this round-up without spotlighting a Super Bowl themed Instavid first. This funny little skit from ESPN is my particular favourite and I didn’t even need the references explained to me.


Piggybacking on the popularity of the brilliant and morally vacant Wolf of Wall Street, MTV has created this lo-fi animated mash-up ripe for sharing.

Ben & Jerry’s

Some expert editing makes for a seamless journey, following the ice cream from factory to mouth.


Yeah obviously it’s older than one month, but I thought I’d include it because it makes great use of split screen and communicates its message effectively.

National Geographic

The most followed branded Instagram account (3.9m followers to date) it’s not difficult to see why.


An excellent and surprising entry from Puma. Although I think what’s becoming clear from watching branded Instagram videos, is the apparent slickness and higher budgets being used in this format, compared to the typically ’rougher round the edges’ branded Vines.


Of course there are always exceptions to the above rule. Coca-Cola’s ‘no-budget’ Instagram video proves all you need is a good idea and spot of creativity.


Continuing Oreo’s commitment to being darn charming and keeping stop-motion animators in employment for another year, here’s Oreo’s latest product announcement.


Michelle Obama does a slam dunk while members of Miami Heat talk about healthy eating. Thanks to Instavid’s longer format there’s even time for a slow motion replay.


This Instavid manages an awful lot in 15 seconds and succeeds. There’s the succinct explanation of a pretty cool sounding contest, social media links and a smooth camera move that only bloody well reveals the Stan Smith. 

Mr Porter

The men’s clothes retailer mainly uses Instagram video to point users towards its YouTube channel, however this is a neat little teaser. Boxers or briefs?

The answer is “nope”.

For more on Instavid check out David Moth’s report on BBC News’s trial of Instagram Video and for a look at the rival platfrom, read the best branded Vines of 2013.