It’s time for another roundup, and this time I’m going to cover some of the best branded Vines from the last month. 

Today we’re covering everything from the Wimbledon tournament to the 4th of July, along with Gary Lineker’s debut horror film performance (sort of). 

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Walkers Crisps

This 3D effort from Walkers Crisps is what I imagine The Ring would have looked like had it actually been a film about Gary Lineker forcing people to eat mass-produced crisps. 


The Wimbledon tournament was full of brilliant social media moments, but I particularly like these ‘Four faces of…’ Vines.

In this one, Andy Murray pretends he has more than one natural facial expression. 

McDonald’s UK

McDonald’s UK manages to turn Vine into a game with this little loop in which you have to ‘catch’ the fry.

Either I’m rubbish or the game is ridiculously hard, but that’s the first time I’ve ever come close to rage-quitting Vine. 


Doritos uses a cinemagraph here to highlight just how gosh dang hot those roulette crisps are.

I haven’t tried these yet, but I did read a story the other day about some kid having breathing difficulties after they ate one so I’m not in any great rush.

Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box released a series of ‘hacks’ (otherwise known as ‘tips’ by people who aren’t annoying) showing people how to combine two Jack in the Box meals to make off-menu meals. 

I imagine this is a timely reaction to all the press that so-called ‘secret menus’ have been getting recently. 

Home Free

Who doesn’t love the idea of a barbecue pit in summer? Nobody, that’s who. Home Free has created this lovely looking animation to capitalise on that fact. 

Lottery Good Causes

I love this Vine for its clever combination of live footage and animation. Plus it gets extra points for piggybacking on the Wimbledon hype. 


We mentioned the new series of bed-related animations from Travelodge in our social roundup this month.

But it deserves its own mention here, particularly as the brand has since added a new Vine for London.


This creative loop from Domino’s lets you select the feeling you have when you take your first bite of pizza.

They should have one for just before you take your first bite: a single frame containing the words ‘hung over’. And one for when you’ve taken your last bite that simply says ‘regret’.

Burger King

A decent animated effort from Burger King here to celebrate the 4th of July. The animation looks good and it really makes me want some chicken nuggets, so top marks all round. 

Hewlett Packard

I have so many good things to say about this, but it’s probably best if I just let the Vine do the talking. Brilliant stuff from a brand that isn’t naturally sexy. 

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