Samsung Mobile

One of the Galaxy S5’s selling points is that it’s water resistant.

That means you can leave it on the side of the sink while you shave and slosh water all over it, as this product video demonstrates.


Oreo’s social team must have a fun job. Here’s an excellent short story created using motion capture.


Short but sweet, this Instavid from Mini crams humour and surprise into fewer than five seconds.

Read Christopher Ratcliff’s post for a broader look at Mini’s excellent social strategy.

American Apparel

My favourite video from July, this short Instavid from American Apparel is as silly and frivolous as it looks.

National Geographic

National Geographic has a gorgeous Instagram feed, which I highly recommend that you follow.

This video shows a day to night time-lapse of the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland. 


The NBA maintains a very active Instagram feed, uploading several photos each day.

Recently it has been posting lots of behind-the-scenes footage from the US team’s practice sessions, which is a great way of making fans feel involved.

Southampton FC

Premier League football team Southampton have been quick to experiment with different social channels.

The marketing team uses Instagram to share footage of match days, training sessions and other events. This Instavid is one of many from Southampton’s pre-season tour.


Nike Skateboarding

Extreme sports lend themselves quite nicely to social media as they naturally produce plenty of amazing content.

Nike Skateboarding makes the most of this by posting regular videos of boarders performing various tricks, however it was this clip of a three-legged skater that caught my eye.


How’s this for an innovative use of Instagram? KFC’s video rapidly scrolls through it’s various side options to help users randomly select which one they want.


I don’t play computer games, but I do think this footage of Drive Club looks awesome.

Mr Porter

What better way to introduce a new range of footwear than with a stylish Instavid? I bet you can’t think of one.