Unfortunately we can’t let you know too much about the complicated algorithm used to create this list. You’ll just have to fight over the subtle, ever-changing nuances yourselves.

Just know that it works and if you play by our rules your gift is entertainment. If you’re bad… oh alright, you can still have the entertainment. I’m not a complete monster.

Here is the round-up.

I can see the music!

This is mind-altering, wonderful and endless fun that is most likely to keep you amused for the longest out of anything I’ve covered in the round-up so far. Click below.

Nothing really mattress

Celebrities who look like mattresses. You’ll be surprised how funny and uncanny these pictures are. Courtesy of the Walthamstow (unofficial) Tourist Board.

Something about throwing rocks in glass houses… blah blah blah

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that I’ve used this same headline three or four times. It’s a defensive shield to stop you from calling me a hypocrite when I post things like this… It’s the Wolf of Buzzfeed.

I’ve just done a rudimentary check on Google and it turns out that Buzzfeed covered the celebrity mattress thing two years ago. Sigh.

My Girl: The Game

Relive the most traumatic cinematic experience you had when you were a child, by playing My Girl: The Game. Turn the sound up and watch out for those bees!

Twin Peaks series three

Twin Peaks fans rejoice, a hardcore group of Lynch obsessives have started an experiment in Twitter fan fiction, by picking up events from Twin Peaks’ 1989 finale and spinning out brand new stories through Twitter conversations between the show’s characters.

Click below to enter the lodge…

“God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. Man creates cardboard cut-out dinosaurs to make the internet a better place”

Here is Jurassic Park with all of the CGI taken out. At first you think it’s not going to be very good, but it is good. Really good. And it gets better.

The internet is the new ‘shaving someone’s eyebrows off’

This guy had the gall to fall asleep on his housemate’s sofa. The housemate took a picture and Photoshopped him into various settings. Hilarity ensues.

Prepare for the onslaught

Game of Thrones is back on the telly. Here is the first of what will be a red wedding style attack of mash-ups, homages, super-cuts and parodies to tie-in with the new series. This week: 70s US sitcom!

I always thought I was wasting my life, now I have proof

Type your favourite TV show into Tiii.me and see how many precious days and hours you’ve squandered on watching Tiny Toon Adventures.

The above figure was depressing enough until I realised I’ve watched most of those episodes at least five times.

The curse of the Christmas child

Reveal the defining song of your life with the Theme Tune of Your Life online app.

No matter how I manipulate the choice of year, there are no lesser evils:


The story of the Shardless city

Restored by the BFI National Archive, this is a beautiful 10 minute film showing how London looked in 1926. Breathe it in. Well maybe don’t breathe too deeply.

That’s your lot for this week. Me and the internet are heading out for a snack. Do you want anything? I’m not going to the post office for you. You can go yourself.

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