Last month, the European Court of Justice ruled that Google has to remove specific personal information from search results when an individual has made a request for the removal of outdated or irrelevant information about them.

Aside from the usual ethical issues that everyone else is writing about on this subject, which have nothing to do with digital, I’d like to discuss things the things that I really think should be forgotten from the internet.

Or at least from my mind. 

Nyan Cat 

The blog team specifically requested that I include this in my post. They hate it, you hate it. Let’s just forget it.

Although 110m views is quite a lot for one terrible video, there’s another 100 hour version if you want to take a look. 

Facebook being a jerk

I liked it back in the day when it was simple and wasn’t trying to force you into things. It’s such a bad influence these days, like a needy girlfriend. ‘Where were you last night, who were you with, what were you doing on this day five years ago.’

I don’t feel like talking right now, just leave me alone! 

Happy – Pharrell

I am NOT happy, and I am sick of this song. Pharrell, what were you thinking!

To be fair, the song probably would’ve been ok by itself, but it was the constant streams of videos of people showing how happy they were that ruined it for me. These zero budget videos hurt my eyes. 

Although, here’s a pretty cool one from a small town in Spain, which I watched with the sound off. Definitely the way the videos should have been done. 

Keep calm and carry on

Something I never had time for. Except  for this one time, when I received a lovely china mug for tea with the ‘Keep Calm’ logo on it, and I really enjoyed the tea the mug made.

But still. Hate the meme. 

Keep Calm and Stop Carrying On

This video

Which Matt Owen just sent to me and now I wish that he hadn’t. It hurts my eyes. So much pain!

People who get memes wrong and use them anyway

Incorrect meme

Crazy frog

Less specifically on the internet, but just in general. One of the girls mentioned this to me earlier on and now the whole tune is stuck in my head. It hurts. Get it out. 

Brands that toot their own horns for interacting with other brands online

Seriously, I really enjoy listening to brands talking about social media and their own strategies, as well as company wins and fails.

But what I don’t enjoy is brands who spend their whole time telling you how they had banter with another company online and the retweets which resulted. 

Based on pure opinion and no facts at all, I feel like the internet is moving away from this but brands aren’t. It’s just not cool anymore. Stop doing it guys


I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m not a fan of football in the first place, but genuinely.

Please stop. My time on the internet has been ruined over the past two days by this guy, and the memes that have come out of his bad behaviour.

Seriously though. a nine match ban? It’s not really enough, is it? 

Jeremy Meeks

A convicted felon who takes a good photo. Apparently ‘the internet’ has been calling for his release from jail since they realised that he’s a good looking gang member.

A Go Fund me account has been set up by his ‘real family’ to go directly to his legal defence. What has the world come to?

Jeremy Meeks, Good looking felon

Poor spelling and grammar

Imagine we could delete all of this off the internet. Just have a ‘spring clean’ of sorts.

I don’t need to show you what this looks like. You know already.

Other general things that people at Econsultancy want to forget about

  • Jedward and Louis Walsh
  • Gangnam Style
  • Harlem Shake
  • Incorrect hashtags
  • Planking
  • Duckfaces
  • Candy Crush and Farmville
  • Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber death note

And now, just incase I’ve ruined your life by reminding you of all these things, here’s my favourite gif. It should help with the pain. 

 Chicken hug