It’s a new era. Ben Davis, the erstwhile keeper of the interweb keys has handed them over to a new owner with a wink, a ruffle of the hair and a gravelly intoned “you’ve earned it, kid”.

“You know I’m five years older than you, right?” this newly-coronated writer replied. Ben simply repeated “you’ve earned it, kid” and vanished into the night.

True story.

So the gauntlet has been passed and I am the proud new captain of the interweb ship. My only hope is that I can provide you with a fraction of the joy, fascination and expert curation that you’ve come to expect. At the very least I’ll try to stop mixing my metaphors in such a bizarre manner.

Let’s ride…

The John Peel Festive 50

Alf Eaton has put together this gloriously colourful pie chart collating the bands most frequently featured in John Peel’s annual countdown of his listener’s tracks of the year.

Which band occupies the massive grey space? No it’s not Half Man Half Biscuit, but good guess. It’s actually the West Cheshire cult heroes The Chimney Factory.

If 2014’s Oscar nominated movie posters told the truth

Many have copied, but The Shiznit was the first in what has now become an annual tradition of truth-bombs and expert Photoshopping.

50% of all my film news comes from The Shiznit, the other half comes from the sides of buses.

Welcome to the Video Game Art Museum

Jon Gourley has painstakingly curated the very finest pieces of art hung around the walls of various video game locations and is currently showing them in a highly prestigious online gallery (Tumblr page).

That’s some top-flight internetting right there. How much for an original Boo portrait?

The Good Life on Mars

Combining three of my very favourite things, David Bowie, Lego and Adam Buxton. Here’s Chris Salt’s superb animation that provides a vivid and realistic glimpse into David and Angie’s home-life in the seventies.

Happy Hour Virus

“Why does my computer always crash on a Monday morning? It’s never does it on a Friday afternoon! What are the odds!?”

Remove the unquantifiable element of chance by disabling your computer anytime you please with the Happy Hour Virus. 

You’re welcome.

Be your own Pokemon card

And you thought you had caught them all.

As you can see, our content team has a combined HP of 390.

We’ve probably had more productive afternoons.

Time magazine’s Oscar winning movie generator

In just one click you could be the next Paul Haggis.

King Joffrey proves moderately less scary in real life

Although the concept of ‘celebrity culture’ had better watch out. Here’s actor Jack Gleeson holding court at Oxford Union without the aid of a cross-bow.

Make your own Coachella line-up

Click on the image below to programme your own lost weekend of musical adventure. Will it be as adventurous as mine? For your sake I sincerely hope not.

The greatest sentence ever written in a comic book

Seems reasonable.

But will it keep my milk cold?

I’ve read this article twice and I still couldn’t tell you.

However it does inform you the length of time that the door was left open and how frequently this occurred. It’s the internet of things people!

Finally…. HACK THE PLANET!!!

That’s your lot for this week. Now me and the internet are popping out for lunch. If you need us we’ll have our mobiles on, although we may be an hour/hour and a half.