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This brand is a regular feature in our branded Instagram videos round-up for a reason, but this month we’re veering away from the norm in the form of a skateboarding cat. 

In a bid to hijack the #InternationalCatDay hashtag, Instagram posted a clip of a slightly perplexed feline tearing up an Australian skate park like a reincarnated Tony Hawk. Needless to say, it’s brilliant. 

Go-Pro instagram

Red Bull

Anyone with a fear of heights or things that are generally likely to result in a painful and untimely death should look away now. 

True to its reputation as an extreme sports brand, this clip from Red Bull features BMX rider Drew Bezanson performing the kind of stunt that would no doubt earn him a disapproving look from his mother. 

Red Bull instagram

Jamie Oliver

You might think Mr Oliver is an odd inclusion here, but while he may be an individual human being he is undeniably a brand name, too. 

Food imagery always does well on Instagram, and Jamie Oliver creates some of the best stuff you’ll see on this social network. The video below of a strawberry salad dressing recipe is a great example. 

Jamie Oliver instagram


I’m not 100% sure what to make of this one, but I like it. Anything involving a cute dog is always going to do well and this clip is no exception.  

Coca Cola instagram


In this clip aping Franklin Roosevelt’s famous fireside chats in the 30s and 40s, Colonel Sanders introduces his great new concept: fryerside chats. 

It’s not yet 100% clear whether this is the start of a series or a one-off stab at humour, but I’ll definitely be checking back to find out. 

KFC instagram

KFC is also the first brand on this list to have used the new Instagram video layout options. 


I don’t know about you, but “Excuse me while I pump my shoes” is the first thing I say when I’m about to get into a fight. 

Clearly UFC star Ronda Rousey feels the same, as proved by this clip of her getting scary with a punch bag following a quick press of the button on her Reeboks.

Reebok instagram

Discovery Channel

Apologies in advance to anyone with a fear of things that live in the sea and have lots of sharp teeth. This clip lets you see right inside the jaws of a massive great white shark. A view that would no doubt be your last if you were unlucky enough to see it in real life. 

Discovery Channel instagram

Mr Porter

This clip from Mr Porter gives you an insight into the world of perfume manufacturing, showing a clip inside the lab where it’s made. 

Instagram is great for this kind of behind-the-scenes imagery, and the music in this video is also worth a mention in itself. 

Mr Porter instagram


This video is just brilliantly satisfying to watch, which is why it makes it onto the list. The images after the initial video clips are fantastic as well, using bright colours against a white background to highlight the selling point of this range.

Converse instagram


To celebrate the Fusion’s 10th birthday, Ford uploaded a clip of the latest model driving through an enormous cake in the middle of the street.

What more do you want from a branded Instagram video, I ask you?

Ford instagram

National Geographic

This clip from National Geographic shows two orcas having some dinner and coming to check out the camera. Make sure you have the sound on for this one so you can hear them communicating with each other.

National Geographic instagram


Macy’s makes the list purely because I love a cappella. And The Jackson Five. Plus it’s just a great idea for a competition and a creative way to promote it on Instagram. 

Macy's instagram

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