Hey, if you like our monthly round-up of best branded Vines, you’ll love this round-up of the best branded Instagram Videos.

“Why’s that then?” You ask. Nine whole extra seconds of innovative genius per social video, that’s why.

Here are the best of January 2015.

General Electric

What I imagine 96% of General Electric’s workforce look like. So smooth. So in control. Never has a laid-back instrumental hip-hop track fitted so well.

The claim that this ‘collaborative robot’ is “much like your Golden Retriever” may be a little optimistic. “Killer drone from Terminator 2” may be more suitable.


MTV has been pitting 2015’s biggest movie characters against each another in an 8-bit beat-em-up. Here we see the unlikely battle between Ultron and that man off of 50 Shades of Grey.


GoPro has increased its Instagram video productivity by uploading a video a day to its feed in January. As it should do too! Here are a couple of my favourites.

Hold on…

Red Bull

And wouldn’t you know it, Red Bull has begun doing the same.

Samsung Mobile

Proving that social video is an excellent way to show off innovative technology, quickly and simply.

National Geographic

Anti-freezing the wings of one of the last flights out of JFK as winter storm Juno rapidly approaches New York.

Mr Porter

An excellent way to show off your full product line in 15 seconds flat.


Once again giving its followers exactly what it wants. Tonnes of dunks.


This is how we consume all media now. In one-second long repeating Gif format.


Your caffeine-addled heart’s dream come true.


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