General Electric

It’s a time-lapse wind-turbine build. Or it’s a mysterious intergalactic transport ship. You never know what those crazy geniuses at GE are hiding in plain sight. 


After Darth Vader enjoys his refreshing cola drink, he’ll be all set for a full afternoon of throttling insubordinate Death Star employees.


A neat collaboration between @stefpulko and @hirschandmann which basically means you never have to leave your house again. This will certainly save on wear and tear. 


Wait for it… Wait for it… Wait for it… oh boy it’s totally worth it when it finally does happen. 


Very clever use of infinite loop, yet slightly problematic for those with a Frappaddiction.


Somehow creating a sense of serene nostalgia in just a few short seconds before a passerby gets Airjitzu-ed in the neck.


If you can think of an easier way to train for Lacrosse, I’d like to see it.

Marks and Spencer

Not pictured: parachute pack.

National Geographic

More time-lapse goodness, this time involving the final stages of honeybee development. Beautiful and totally gross at the same time. 

Red Bull

I think I would put the ’sissy’ in Sisyphean effort if I attempted this. 

Wait come back! 


Final time-lapse of the week reveals the creation of a foam model GT. We can all sit here and pretend its a giant cake, but we’ll be very disappointed. 


Sometimes we all need a terrifying Shia LeBeouf screaming the same motivational quote over and over again at our faces just to get through the day. 

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