This month we’ve got sugary werewolves, squashed fruit, some Halloween promotions and plenty more. 

I’ve deliberately left out anything Back-to-the-Future-related because despite being a fan of the films the whole ‘day’ just annoyed me.  


Obviously we had to include some Halloween-related stuff in here, so here’s a somewhat psychedelic effort from MTV. 

MTV instagram video


When mankind finally destroys itself completely, the last person alive will use their final gasping breath to exclaim, ‘At least we had Star Wars and Lego.’  

Excuse me while I go watch the new Force Unleashed trailer for the 27th time today…

Lego instagram video


This clip demonstrates GoPro’s Quadcopter drone and stabilisation system, and I kept expecting a trail of bullets to appear behind the guy on the quad bike.

gopro instagram video

National Geographic

This is an incredible clip of the dawn mist melting away above Machu Picchu. I mean if this doesn’t impress you then you might want to consider a personality transplant. 

National Geographic instagram video

Jamie Oliver

This clip of someone who may or may not be everyone’s favourite wide-boy chef squeezing a blood orange is proof that playing things in slow motion makes them entertaining. 

jamie oliver instagram video

Old Spice

Another Halloween-focused clip here, in which the Old Spice guy does a pretty dang fine impression of Robbie Williams in that music video that got banned all those years ago. 

Old spice instagram video

Red Bull

Another fantastic point-of-view clip from Red Bull. I wouldn’t recommend watching this if you have a phobia of either heights or almost-certain death.

Red bull instagram video


Remember those little plasma globe things that used to be all the rage around the same time that lava lamps were? Well now imagine that in robot form. 

Intel instagram video


What’s not to love about a sweet pair of kicks floating through space? 

Converse instagram video


Another Halloween clip, this time from Coca-Coca, in which a can of everyone’s favourite source of tooth decay grows hair like a werewolf. 

Coca cola instagram video


This clip from Nasa’s Hubble telescope reveals a new high-resolution map of Jupiter. Pretty interesting if you’re a space nerd like me, which you should be.  

Nasa instagram video


There are enough growling engines sounds in this clip to excite even the most half-hearted of car enthusiasts.

Not to mention some really neat video editing. 

Ford instagram video

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