The Spectator

This is still in beta but it looks great. The red headlines nicely pick out each article in the mobile view. Below you can see mobile and tablet views of the new site.

Spectator on mobile

spectator on tablet

National Guard

This is one of my favourites just because of the slinky little snap to mobile when you resize the site in your browser and the way the social buttons are so nice and chunky. 

national guard desktop

national guard on mobile


I’ve cherry picked this one (that’s good, as gags go, on this blog).

jlg website on desktop

jlg website on mobile


We associate Paperchase with craft and design, so the site has to look good! I like the ‘shop now’ cards on mobile. Very elegant.

paperchase website on tablet

paperchase website on mobile 

paperchase on desktop

BBC News

BBC News has a responsive website. You won’t necessarily be served it on desktop, the beta invite to explore it occasionally pops up. But on mobile, the site is served, as you can see below.

It’s a clean and simple experience.

bbc news on mobilebbc news on mobile


I covered the TfL site in beta, so it’s good to see it live and kicking.

A lovely WordPress style template with great typography. It translates well to mobile without much rearranging. on desktop on mobile

Kew Gardens

I used to work at Kew. It’s great to see the website improved. Opening times and ticket sales are vital for Kew so having them so prominent on the mobile optimised site is key.

I like the big buttons for ‘search’ and ‘tickets’ that appear at the top of the mobile page. The whole design is simple but effective. 

rbgkew website on desktop

rbgkew website on mobile

City of Mountain View

Well this is one city that has a rod for its back when designing a website. With Google in town, it’s apt that the city’s new beta website now conforms to the Big G’s idea of best practice.

city of mountain view website on mobile

city of mountain view on mobile


For bible lovers on the go. I like the use of colour on the ‘more’ panels. The yellow, green and purple translates well to mobile and provide a solid guide for the eye.

biblica website on desktop

biblica website on mobile 

US Soccer

us soccer website on desktop

us soccer website on mobile


There are lots of B2B players in the tech space with responsive sites. Here’s a new one that works well, without being showy.

kitedesk website on desktop

kitedesk website on mobile

Seen any more newly responsive websites? Let me know in the comments.