1. James Carson’s 24 ingredients for a delicious content strategy

James is head of SEO and social media at The Telegraph Media Group. Back in April 2014, he wrote a long and detailed article for Econsultancy containing plenty of advice on setting your content strategy.

Read the article in full before you do your own analytics refresh, content audit, workflow planning and distribution review.

content strategy

Chris Lake’s beautiful content marketing prompts

Former editor and innovation head Chris Lake has now moved on to creating his own content-oriented startup. But you can still bask in three of his beautiful memory aids.

2. A Smorgasbord of content marketing metrics

Read a few added notes from Lakey in his accompanying blog post.

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content metrics

3. The Content Marketing Team Matrix

What does a brilliant content team look like? Lakey envisages it in this matrix. Again, read his explanatory notes for more context.

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content team matrix

4. The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

Lakey splits the table into strategy, formats, content types, platforms, metrics, goals, sharing triggers and checklists. No word on which are solids at room temperature, but you can use your imagination for that. Read more in the accompanying article.

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periodic table of content

5. Graham Charlton’s 15 indispensable content marketing tips

Forget the frameworks and the visualisations, Graham gives some straightforward and easy-to-follow advice based on many years as Econsultancy editor and more than 2,000 Econsultancy articles written.

word count success

6. Econsultancy’s Content Marketing Digital Template Files

Our template files are available to subscribers. The whole bundle covers a variety of channels and disciplines, including content marketing, written by James Gurd.

Contents include:

  • Content Requirements Briefing Document
  • Content Marketing Calendar
  • SEO Checklist
  • A Guide to Maximising the Reach of Your Content Assets
  • Guide to Integrating Content into Your Website

Get it here.

template files

7. 25 things Econsultancy looks for when hiring writers 

Some snack-sized advice on the skills that wannabe writers should develop. We’re not recruiting at time if writing, but others are, and this is a pragmatic and inspiring list.

8. A content manager’s practical guide to doing just enough SEO

New to SEO? Here are some beginners’ tips to keep your site ticking over.

9. Christopher Ratcliff’s 17 fantastically useful tools for content writers and bloggers

Stuck for inspiration, want to improve the quality of your writing, want to write some fun lorum ipsum?

Chris Ratcliff details 17 useful tools.

readability test 

10. The A-Z of online copywriting

This post is more than seven years old. How can it possibly be relevant? Well, it really is.

Lakey, again, gives sterling tips, from the inverted pyramid technique to the outdated folly of keyword stuffing.

11. Jack Simpson’s online copywriting no-nos

Jack details 10 common online copywriting mistakes. Better read it and check you haven’t transgressed. 

12. Subscribers can read more of Econsultancy’s detailed reports on content strategy

These include:

Training is also available via our one-day Content Strategy, Editorial Planning & Content Calendars training course.