I’ve written about inspiring 404 pages in the past, as every site will break from time to time, and I think it makes sense to put in a little thought to how you handle errors. 

Your visitors will be more forgiving of errors if you make them smile, ideally while helping them find their way. Also, clever, witty or charming 404 pages can be great for inbound links (as proved by this post).

I wouldn’t file all of the following examples under ‘best practice’, as in some cases there should be better navigation options, but many of them are humorous and on-brand, and may help you to figure out what you can do with yours. 


The movie site adapts famous quotes for its 404 page, and it has a library of them.

Good Dog Design

This agency takes the dog out of its logo and has created a missing dog poster.

College Humor

Some other things that don’t exist…


The smart folks at Distilled have a charming 404 page, which helped one visitor to find a “dream job”.

North Face

A dead end, but look at all of those helpful links…

Stack Overflow

Waffles are indeed delicious.


As far as humour goes, this is as good as it gets. That’s a picture of Shergar, in case you were wondering.





Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space.

Car Throttle

Use the arrow keys to play with the Audi R8.

Channel 9

A newsreader delivers the bad news…


Hover States

And finally, brilliantly, here’s a bit of Lionel…


Have you seen any other 404 pages that stand out from the crowd? Do let me know in the comments below…