At Econsultancy HQ, we’re loving infographics in a big way. After all, what’s not to like? They’re great visual breakdowns of complex information,  far better than standard data charting, and are often extremely creative in their representations.

I’ve already dug out quite a few social media infographics, but rooting around across the internet also threw up a whole load of new ones I’d not seen, based around natural search. Obviously, I felt duty-bound to share them. 

The following are a handful of some of the best ones that I found. I’m sure there’s plenty more out there, so if you find anything interesting, leave links in the comments. As always, the original images are linked to in the headline text.

1. Value of SEO v. PPC

2. SEO FAQs – A guide 

3. SEO Hierarchy of Needs 

4. How SEOs spend their time

5. SEO Checklist 

6. Scatterplot of SEO tactics

7. Getting ranked: Longtail keyword equation

8. Linktoberfest! SEO Infographic for Link Data Visualization

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9. Link Juice

10. SEO Factors

11. Longtail SEO

12. SEO ROI is King