Here are some of the finest branded Instagram videos from March 2014. 

There were some brilliant Instagram campaigns in March. One of the most encouraging success stories was WaterAid’s single Instagram video submission to a ‘weekend hashtag project’ leading to an increase in 22,000 followers in just two weeks.

You can read about that campaign and many others here: seven inspirational campaigns from WaterAid.

In other news, has the term instavids caught on as a popular portmanteau term for Instagram video yet? Lets check with Google Trends…


Here’s the round-up:


Let’s start with the most exhilarating (or stomach-turning) video. Here is the always reliably innovative GoPro. 

This is particularly brilliant Black Lips footage captured from the head of Cole Alexander’s guitar as he dives into the crowd

Read more about GoPro’s dazzling social strategy here.

Marks and Spencer

This kid completely wins all of Mother’s Day marketing with this beautifully timed, simple little chuckler. 

Taco Bell

I took a look at brands trash-talking other brands on social media last week in What do we get out of brands interacting with each other on Twitter? Here’s Taco Bell’s subtle poke at McDonald’s.


Coca-Cola is currently running a contest called #ThisIsAhh, where followers can submit their own ‘ahh’ moment and have it regrammed by Coca-Cola. What is an ‘ahh’ moment? I have no idea…

If I was to be ultra-critical I would suggest that so far none of the entries have been terribly inspiring, but nonetheless you can’t doubt the corporation’s commitment to engaging with its followers. 

J. Crew

A neat little entry in a series of videos from J. Crew. This is certainly the best of the bunch as much of the other footage is obscured by GIANT TEXT.


There is the definite sense that the divide between Vine and Instagram is manifested through the sheer amount of luxury brands preferring the later. Videos on Instagram tend to be of a slicker, higher-budget nature. Here’s Jaguar’s follow-up to it’s British villains Super Bowl ad.



My above case in point…

Washington Post

Just as a little background for UK readers and because I just had to search on Google, Peeps are a brand of marshmallow snack in the shape of cute animals. Washington Post apparently runs an annual diorama contest using the snacks. This beautifully animated video announces the contest open. 


This is kind of cute, until you really think about what it’s using in the animation.

General Electric

General Electric proves again that its great to follow for an intriguing regular science lesson. Here is a mechanical exoskeleton built in the 1960s that never left the laboratory. Kevin Weir re-animated the wearable tech to help us imagine what it would have looked like.


Oreo + Any event (this time St Patrick’s Day) = No-brainer

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