Only the very best branded Vines make it into our monthly round-up.

Here we celebrate the informative, the entertaining, the innovative and the interesting.

Although one or two downright bizarre ones slipped in this week.


What can only be described as a high-intensity fashion assault on your subconscious.

You won’t know what’s going on in the Vine and you’ll forget about it instantly, but then this afternoon you’ll find yourself wandering down Regent Street having just spent £800 on a scarf without even realising what you are doing.


For the red carpet premier of Spy, the studio sent ‘professional Viner’ and ‘magician’ Jake Paul out to play some ‘hilarious’ pranks on the attendees using ‘rapper’ and ‘actor’ Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson. I’ve ran out of inverted commas now, I’ll have to order some more.

Ikea USA

I would still ask “where are my Dime bars and meatballs?”

Dominos UK

Clearly when the producers of Jurassic World took on the challenge of improving on the original’s formula, they left out two vital ingredients: garlic and herb. (Yes this was my unsuccessful application for a job in Dominos’ marketing department).


This Vine shows you how easy it is to grow your own Basil plant in the kitchen, before eventually ripping off every leaf in one go to help mask the fact you forgot you were making a bolognese halfway through and poured half a jar of chilli powder in. 


Of course, we all know that Donut Day is just another holiday invented by Hallmark to sell greetings cards, but I still think the values it represents are important, and if we ignore the crass commercialisation and concentrate only on totally nailing some delicious donuts I think the positives will eventually outweigh the terrible skin and clogged arteries.

Jack in the Box

Terrifying. Almost Lynchian in its weirdness. This Vine does a successful job in making its viewers never want to eat at Jack in the Box ever again. I assume that’s the purpose of it.

Pizza Hut/Now This

I love pizza. I love movies. I love stupid gimmicks. Most of all though I love Michael McDonald, so this Vine totally works for me. Even the clumsy music loop.

Pepsi Max

Just imagine how greasy that phone is going to get. No don’t hold it to your ear! Eugh too late.


Carrying on HP’s tradition of featuring two indistinguishable bros hanging out and spending all their money on new laptops while making wild facial expressions. This one at least has a tank.


This week on Zach King Has Plumbing Problems…

Next week, Zach finally visits the doctor.

Dot Wave

Integrate Shia LeBeouf into every facet of your existence and you will feel yourself supercharged with motivation. 

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