Here are some of the finest branded Instagram videos from April 2014. 

Taking in everything from massive corporations playing it low-key, to hair-raising and largely irresponsible stunts to free ice cream giveaways.

It’s a varied carnival of ingenious mini marvels.


The genius of McDonald’s here is in pushing irony to its very limit, breaking through the wall of taste and coming out the other side amusing. It shouldn’t work.

A McDonald’s ad focusing on one of its less appealing breakfast products soundtracked to the ‘Selfie’ song shouldn’t work. Miraculously it does.

Red Bull

By far one of the most dramatic Instagram videos created so far, although I’m sure GoPro won’t be far behind. In fact, they’re probably the ones in the plane…


Nope, it turns out GoPro was doing something even more irresponsible and reckless.

General Electric

Most of the time, General Electric uploads fascinating little science and engineering lessons. Sometimes it just likes to smash things.


I am charlatan here in this world of football related agile marketing, but I would imagine that you would find this either amusing or deeply antagonizing.


#AsktheNewMini is a campaign where followers can ask the car any question and it will answer in a way that shows off some of its new features.

In this episode the Mini is asked “will you marry me?” The results are less disturbing than a certain Channel 4 documentary from a few years back.


A suitably charming low-fi animation from Coca-Cola encouraging recycling for Earth Day.

Google Glass

Google Glass has its very own Instagram account and it features a few real-life examples of people using the wearable.

This is probably the most efficient way to highlight the quality of the camera and its social connectivity.

Ben and Jerry’s

Nobody ever made enemies giving away free ice cream.


Has returned to Instagram after a few months away with a new video campaign in association with Reporters Without Borders. You can see each video on its channel, below is the initial teaser.

Burger King

I’m highlighting Burger King here for a number of reasons, mainly as a what-not-to-do.

Although I quite like the fact that it doesn’t try to artificially make the burgers look different from the actual product, here thanks to some terrible lighting and unimaginative background the results are deeply unappealing.

Stop motion is the read and butter of both Instagram video and Vines, but it really needs to be used in an innovative or at least vaguely humourous way. This just feels half-arsed.

Much like this one…

It’s great that Burger King is using Instagram, and perhaps it speaks more about the channel than Burger King itself, but this sort of hokey, lo-fi ad works a lot better on the more aesthetically forgiving Vine.

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