It’s the round-up of weekly entertainments from around the internet that doesn’t really have a consistent name. 

Instead I prefer to choose from a list of increasingly ironic or vaguely snarky titles pinned to my desktop that bear little relation to each other beyond the word ‘internet’.

In previous week’s editions I’ve toyed with the idea of keeping the introduction to this post evergreen, but I soon jettisoned that fanciful notion in order to write nothing but topical, newsworthy matters from around the globe.

That didn’t really work either.

This week I’ll be trying something new. This week I’ll be going ‘super-local’ by giving you a glimpse into the latest news from the very desk of the Econsultancy content team.

Here’s the highlight of our week….

Just realise that I work in an environment where the first instinct is to Instagram rather than help. The coffee spill followed this

Here’s the round-up.

Mittens Park

We Are Camera Studio has swapped out the velociraptors with cats in this clip from Jurassic Park. It’s the best thing on the internet right now and I probably shouldn’t have started with it.

Inexplicably this isn’t the first Jurassic Park reference on the Econsultancy blog today. This excerpt is from the article More than 40% of online adults are multi-device users.

Heaven knows I’m miserable now

The Interactive World of The Smiths is a detailed look at the brief period between 1982-1987 when Morrissey fronted the definitive example of British indie rock, rather than being the spiteful, bewilderingly obtuse autobiographer he is today.

Click below for the tour…

Mother wouldn’t hurt a fly

Steven Soderbergh, the director of such wildly differing films as Out of Sight, Magic Mike and Sex, Lies and Videotape has locked away his director’s bullhorn forever, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have other projects to keep him away from pottering in the garden and drinking daiquiris in the afternoon.

Here Soderbergh has mashed-up both the original 1960 masterpiece, Psycho, with the risible 1998 remake to make this interesting experiment in contextual duality. Or something.

Click below…

A child’s introduction to H.P. Lovecraft

DrFaustusAu has been busy reimagining cosmic horror classic The Call of Cthulhu as a Dr Seuss book.

It’s a pleasant way for children and adults of all ages to get their heads around the complex themes of pseudomythology, cosmicism, mankind’s irrelevance and gigantic, ancient, octopus-faced monsters.

Click below to see more…

Miserable men shopping with their partners

Mildly regressive, but nontheless amusing in its schadenfreude. Click below for more examples of man in extremis.

It won’t be suitable in the future either

Read a rejection letter to one Mr P. Hewson sent from RSO Records in 1979.  

You may know the addressee by his more popular stage name, Bono.

The record company above has been out of business for over three decades. It’s a small price to pay, as I feel the moral victory is theirs.

How to disappear completely 

Want to ‘go off the grid’ just like Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer or an overly paranoid Daily Mail reader? (I’m referring directly to my gran here.)

Click below for a detailed infographic on how to wipe yourself off from the face of the internet…

You’ll be back. Just as soon as Paddy Power offers you a free £10 bet on The Cheltenham Cup. (Again, referring to my gran.)

Who is the Yellow King?

This is truly, truly stupid, however if you’re as heavily invested in True Detective as I am, but not so much so that you’ve ordered a copy of the obscure 100 year-old short story that’s referenced throughout the series, this is for you….

Did you put honey on your brother’s head?

This Iowa-based father and graphic designer has begun making art out of the weird things he catches himself saying to his children: “don’t lick my arm”, “I am not talking to you until you are wearing underwear”, etc… Click below for his Etsy store.

One with everything

I’ve purposefully ignored any mention of the Oscar’s retweet record and various other selfie shenanigans, but I couldn’t stop myself from ending on this sweet little note.

Here’s the pizza delivery guy receiving his tip on the following day’s episode of Ellen.

That’s your lot for this week. 

As an update to last week’s experiment involving my WordPress blog, thank you to the 80 unique users who visited over the course of the week. You are truly the greatest citizens of the internet.

For more internet round-up hijinks, check out last week’s number of wildly entertaining things found on the internet in no particular order.