Personalisation has been a top priority for marketers for some time, but despite this fact, a large percentage seem to be struggling to implement the strategy in an intelligent and scalable way.

A recent study by Pure360 suggests that many brands are still relying on basic forms of personalisation, and failing to engage (increasingly demanding) consumers as a result.

So, why should marketers strive to go beyond the basics? Here’s a round-up of studies to reinforce the importance of personalisation, and how brands are currently approaching it.

A desire to do more with data

Personalisation is a key part of customer experience, with intelligent use of data allowing marketers to create relevant and unique experiences that hold attention for longer (and generate loyalty in the long-run).

However, Econsultancy’s Digital Trends 2018 report suggests that personalisation is lower on the list of strategic priorities for 2018 than other areas. It was cited by just 7% of organisations as their number one priority, as opposed to the 20% who cited content management.

digital priorities for 2018

That being said, this is perhaps more indicative of organisations’ maturity levels when it comes to the skills and structures needed to implement effective personalisation. The fact that audience and data management and analytics come higher on the list shows there’s still groundwork to be done before real personalisation can come into effect.

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