So goodbye Instagram, goodbye Vine and goodbye Tumblr. Oh Tumblr, we barely even got started.

But just because I have outlived my essentialness it still doesn’t mean I can’t pine from afar and appreciate those brands doing sterling work for the under 34s.

Here are 12 of the best…


It’s almost like walking through an Ikea store itself, only much quieter and sadly fewer meatballs.

I particularly enjoy the hidden menu at the top left, containing filters to choose posts by room type.

Ben & Jerry’s

A lovely mixture of behind-the-scenes glimpses at the team, delicious looking ice cream, playful humour and delicious looking ice cream.

Red Bull

A typical Red Bullian destination full of eye-popping visuals and humour, which just about stops short at being an assault on the senses.


Great for how-to make-up and beauty guides, also the sideways scrolling ‘highlighter’ bar is a good feature.


The Inside Source is an excellent lifestyle blog, looking at interesting eBay user’s equally interesting items for sale, with a particular leaning towards retro and kitsch.


Terribly tasteful and attractive Tumblr with gorgeous imagery throughout. Another win for Vans’ continuously excellent social strategy


A well curated site full of interesting tech related articles from Mashable, Forbes and Wired.


Ford is attracting a younger demographic through its Tumblr site and much like Pinterest, Tumblr works well for brands that don’t have lots of content, as it can still be used to share things that help to build your brand’s identity.


So much colour. So much creativity with trendy permanent markers.

POM wonderful

An always topical Tumblr that manages to create varied content even though it’s all related to a product that essentially only has one ingredient.

A good lesson for brands that think they’re struggling for inspiration.

Lincoln Motor Company

A lesson in knowing your audience incredibly well and delaying their pleasure. Absolutely gorgeous photography featuring its classic vehicles drip-fed one a week.


If you’ve only heard of Keds through the lyrics of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ then perhaps check out the immersive experience on offer here.

Also bonus points for featuring our favourite pop star in the office.

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