Think of this as a modern update of Reader’s Digest. 

In fact I may just steal the original strap line from its very first edition in 1922 and modernise it a little.

12 articles (or GIFs, Tumblrs and memes) each week from leading (ish) websites – each article of enduring value and interest (again, ish), in (very) condensed and compact form.

Yeah that should cover it.

A complete history of the world (of memes)

Here’s every meme’s origin explained in surprisingly only five minutes. I warn you… you will probably not go on the internet for at least a week after watching this.

Where Chunk lives

Stalk real-life people who are foolish enough to live and work in real-life film locations using Google Maps and this briefly distracting game.


Perhaps misanthropy might be the future instead

I may be one of the few people who watched this and felt nothing but glee. From the ranking of bacon as the third most important thing to share after your pets and kids, to the unbelievably toneless ‘backing singing(?)’ to the rap… The rap!

Again, you may want to take a break from the internet for at least a week after this one. 

How much should I panic about the Heartbleed bug?

This much…

much poem

Finally, it’s the Red Wheelbarrow/Doge mash-up I’ve been dreaming of.

There are places I remember…

More fun with Street View. More fun with album covers. Good luck finding Electric Ladyland. It was closed in 1998 due to subsidence issues.

Now in colour

Here are 29 historical photographs that have been colourised. Some are wonderful, some are generally unnerving, all are absolutely mesmerising.

The greatest TV guide listing ever written


The bitter end… or lager end

Here’s a lovingly created Minecraft version of the toilet fight from The World’s End in all of it’s blocky glory.

I was expecting this to be messier

Nine weeks more of this…

Mindboggling accent map

Hear one man’s journey through all of Britain’s major accents in 1m24s. May be offensive, but it’s a fairly catch-all remit.

Now it’s my turn

I just thought this was nice.

That’s your lot for this week, me and the internet are going to cram a week’s worth of work into the remaining hours of the day so we can spend the rest of the week quad-biking.

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