The French are not fans of mobile commerce

A study of 10,000 consumers in 11 countries by Poulpeo (Ipsos Public Affairs) found that only 4% of French people use their mobiles to shop. This compares to 24% in China and 22% in the UK.  

Ecommerce in Mexico

Ecommerce in Mexico grew 57% in 2012 reaching $6.4bn. There are now 17m online shoppers in Mexico, with credit cards the most popular payment method.


Norway’s digital advertising market is set to rise by 6.8% in 2013 and pass the $1bn mark in 2016.

Mobile use in Russia

The majority of Russians (59%) access the internet via a mobile device every single day. Android is the most popular OS, with Samsung the leading tablet and smartphone provider. 


Baidu’s market share in China has decreased over the last year, from 78.6% in 2012 to 63.16% in 2013.

Baidu, however, still dominates the Chinese search engine market as you can see in the below chart which shows the search engine market share as of August 2013.

China search engine market share

Google in Hong Kong

Baidu may be king in China but in Hong Kong it’s all about Google.

Google and Google Hong Kong enjoy 57% of the market share. 

Hong Kong search engine market share

SEO university

Some Spanish universities, Barcelona’s Pompeu Fabra for example, have started offering courses in SEO and search engine marketing.

Ecommerce in Switzerland

Switzerland has a senior ecommerce market. Of the 55+ population, 80% are online every day and a third make at least one purchase a month.

Incidentally, Swiss ecommerce retailers are under no legal obligation to accept returned goods.


Russia’s dominant search engine Yandex is the most viewed entity in the country.


Google Shopping is not yet live in Sweden, but is being trialled by certain brands, with a wide-spread launch imminent. 

SEO in Germany

Germany’s BVDW (federal association for digital economy) has introduced quality certifications for SEO and web marketing agencies. SEO agencies have to sign a code of conduct to confirm they will adhere to ethical practices. 

Ecommerce in Germany

90% of online shoppers in Germany plan to buy Christmas presents over the internet, with 4% claiming all of their festive purchases would be via ecommerce.