Daily Beast

The ‘read this’ list on the right of the page incorporates a progress bar which fills wth grey to show how much of the article you’ve read so far.

Email auto-suggest

This use of auto-suggest for email fields is simple but very useful.

(From CX Partners).

Royal Mail

This postcode finder suggests addresses as you type. Note that the number of matching addresses changes as you type:

It’s a great way to reduce the pain of checkout form completion too. See this post by James Gurd for more examples.


This ‘slim your wallet’ demo shows how the Bellroy wallet performs compared to standard wallets. As you move the slider, the wallets fill up with cards and cash.

Virgin America

In-line validation is great for form filling – it provides fast feedback to users and avoids the pain of pressing continue or next, only to find that you’ve made a mistake.

Here, Virgin America combines this validation with the friendly touch…


From KLM’s iPhone app. Note the bars that correspond to flight price as you select them.


I like this. Most people may have a destination in mind, but other travellers may just have a week or two off that they want to use for a break.

This ‘I just want to get away’ button provides a useful method of navigation, though I think Tablet should have this on the homepage.

Add to cart interaction

This effect (found on Dribble) confirms to the user that the item has been added to the shopping cart.

Credit card entry

This is very simple yet effective. By adding spaces to the card entry field, users can more easily review the number they have entered, thus minimising the chance of making errors. (From @ritchielee).


The ‘search when I move the map’ option is great, allowing people to find an area, then pan out to find suitable accommodation without having to search from scratch.

Annoying sites playing audio

Auto-audio is the bane of the multiple tab user’s life.

Thankfully this little feature on Chrome allows you to identify and kill the offending tab quickly.


On the Waitrose homepage there’s a notepad that you can quickly write your shopping list down on, hit search and it will find these items for you.

Have you seen some good examples of micro UX? Share them with us in the comments…