It’s a treacherous place out there on the internet. 

One misstep and you could be the unwitting victim of a phishing scam.

One erroneous ecommerce visit could lead to an accidental purchase of goods or services you didn’t want because the ‘buy it now’ button is far too ambiguous for our tiny brains to handle.

One innocent search for ‘who is Kim Kardashian’ can lead you directly to the Mail Online. 

Again. It’s a treacherous place out there.

If only there was a safe harbour. An area cordoned off from the scammers, the tricksters and the muck-rakers. A place you can be guaranteed nothing but high quality entertainment and useful information provided by the most ethically minded curators.

Well until that place is found, you’ll just have to make do with this…

For the bureaucratic muggle

See, there is magic in the world. Apparently it’s just buried within the GOV.UK website.

Where do we file for divorce by the way? Things between me and Luna Lovegood have gone a bit wrong.

London Sound Survey

Filled with such beautiful accidental poetry as “loud trickling from Pymme’s Brook, a train passes in the distance, a woodpigeon coos, faint traffic”.

It’s a blissful, gentle experience. One that can’t possibly be followed by anything other than…

Metal albums with googly eyes

Click on the image below to be taken to a Tumblr page that combines Cannibal Corpse’s Butchered at Birth and Sesame Street. Finally!

Say goodbye to work this afternoon

It’s the highly addictive official Lego builder extension for Chrome.

Look how I’ve accurately created the Econsultancy office.

Who gives a *&@$ about an Oxford comma?

To quote David Moth “don’t get me started on Oxford commas!” Even the PR department at Oxford University no longer uses the Oxford comma. In the office we’re encouraged not to use them, and yet I still can’t help myself.

Decide for yourself by clicking the image below for an informative infographic on the controversial punctuation.

If Moth hasn’t edited the thing out already.

More glorious pedantry…

This garbled nonsense is my particular favourite.

You will make a fine interior decorator, my son

Sort out your triadics from your tetradic with this slickly brilliant colour matching game.

Average office score: redacted.

All the 90s TV ever

I had something suitably snarky lined up along the lines of “I thought it was already called ITV3” but the first thing that loaded up was a Pulp video, so I’ll shut up.

Click on the image below and see how long it takes before you find Quantum Leap.

Photoshop disaster of the week

My current favourite on the PsDisasters site.

The lambs make a nice finishing touch.

Devo, Alf and Teddy Ruxpin will be your stewards for this flight

Delta has debuted its new 80’s themed in-flight safety video, jam-packed with synths, leg warmers and faintly remembered celebrities.

You’re probably as likely to pay as much attention to the information contained within as you would the regular safety video, so the distractions aren’t too detrimental to your well-being.


Only 80% of songs available on Spotify have actually ever been played. Forgotify let’s you experience the unloved 4m.

Happy to see the P. Funk All-Stars get their much deserved moment to shine. Depressed to find my own all-ocarina cover of Another Brick in the Wall appear soon after.

Yes it’s two years old but…

I’ve just seen it and it’s made my week. Here’s Kenneth Williams playing Darth Vader. Thanks Matt Owen.

That’s your lot for this week. Me and the internet were thinking of sharing a two litre bottle of cider in Soho Square around 2pm. Come join us.