Welcome to you all! This is without doubt the greatest interweb round up of this nascent series of greatness.

Wipe that drool off your chin and dig in to the great bowl of deeply unsatisying tinned chilli that is the internet.

‘Self-selecting techie job ad’ of the week

Please do forward on to any techie friends in need of a job. We’re helping some friends out with this one.

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‘Death to the PR’ of the week

Here’s a great piece on why it’s time to call time on the so called “sell-in” call. See more here.

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Charming ‘cat-dreams music video’ of the week

SEO thing of the week

Moz’s Web Developer Cheat Sheet. Pretty darn useful.

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‘Awesome behind the scenes photos from horror movies’ of the week

Click the picture for more.

‘Deconstruction of the listicle’ of the week

A joyous piece in the New Yorker. Yes, we are aware you are reading a listicle right now.

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Single-idea Tumblr of the week


‘Incredible Pixies cover versions in-the-style-of’ of the week

These are truly majestic.

Wine Society copywriting of the week

The Wine Society’s copywriting regularly blows our grape. A couple of winners this week. 

‘Dynamic’ is the only way to describe South Africa’s current wine scene. Stellenbosch, famous but not resting on its laurels, offers diversity and innovation.

The great négoce houses are at the centre of all that the Rhône does well. The likes of Chapoutier, Paul Jaboulet Aîné and Guigal are so much more than mere merchants.

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Evil jumpers of the week

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Andrew Warren-Payne quote of the week

The best utterance from our most English of Analysts. 

There’s something inherently masculine and heroic about mechanic efforts in conquering effluent.

Tweetbot misunderstanding of the week

Zeebox, and it should know better.

Tuesday night, watching popular British tv cookery show ‘The Great British Bake Off’, I tweeted to voice my disappointment at myself and entertainment in general.

I’d been reading about the punk scene in Marcus Greil’s ‘Lipstick Traces’, and how it was possibly linked to the Situationist International, and the theory that boredom is political, that true entertainment should allow us to experience a different set of values or morals. We no longer say ‘what can I do today’ but ‘what can I see today’. 

I fired off a cod tweet, which was picked up by Zeebox bot. My reaction is to think Zeebox isn’t that great at social, or that bots are a bad idea. Of course, some would say all publicity is good publicity.

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