Good afternoon illustrious readers! Welcome back to our alternative to the big newspaper editorials. Where else can you find hard hitting opinion as in Econsultancy’s interweb round up of crazy stuff?

I would say it’s been a vintage week, and I will, because it has. Enjoy!

Hat tipped to Matt Owen for finding most of these. Enjoy your severance pay, Matt!

BTW, the glorious top image is from The Wurzel’s Facebook page.

ASOS product video weird little easter egg dance of the week

Here is the man in question. Click on him to go to the product page and play the video therein. We promise you it’s worth it and is perhaps a brilliant new tactic for product display.

In-browser killer whale cursor-tracker of the week

Click the orca to spend hours away from the tasks at hand!

Actual, factually correct (definitely not bitter about losing a pub quiz that may or may not have been hosted by Silverpop) number of Twitter users worldwide number of the week


Web design of the week

Click to check out this formidable website. My tongue is held in the middle of my mouth, equidistant from each cheek.

Yodelling robot of the week

It yodels because it is a Swiss radio man. Click on the tin blighter to find out more.

Cookie monster website improver of the week

There’ve been lots of these built – the Ed Balls button was generally regarded as the pinnacle, but now the Cookie Monster has arrived and told us what we thought we knew, we did not.

Matt Owen, our Head of Social, recommends starting your cookie odyssey with The Daily Mail, as I have below. Click the monster to get the ‘tool’ for your browser today! Via the brilliant UsVsThe3m.

For more on creative and content, come along to Punch in October!

‘BBC news reader deciding ‘the best cover is plain sight’ when stealing reams of newspaper from his employer’ of the week

Space saving new font of the week

More of a new form of communication than a font. We dare you to take the plunge and dispense with outdated letters. Dotsies - check it out.

Econsultancy blog spam comment of the week

My favourite of all time. Posted by ‘Henri vhza’.

explanation right away is actually, if you ask me, people desire “wonderful girl”

Econsultancy a year ago

We published Mark McGee’s MSc dissertation, The Presentation Style of Web Analytics Data and Decision Making.

Wine Society copywriting of the week

The Wine Society’s copywriting regularly blows our grape.

This week’s isn’t the usually lyrical majesty from The Wine Society, but in my hungover state it nearly made me cry. There’s something so wholesome about a 2011 port.

Henry Jeffreys felt inspired to write about laying wines down for future generations by the release of the 2011 port vintage – an exceptional growing season and, happily, the birth year of his first child.

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Andrew Warren-Payne quote of the week

The best utterance from our most English of Analysts.

I miss the dirty Starburger round the back of Waterloo station.