Hello there! Yes, there are many whimsical, irreverant, hilarious web roundups on the market. This, however, is the most delectable, growing in stature, as it does, with each mouthful.

This week we can boast coelacanths, wibbling arse desserts and Rush Limbaugh.

Join me in saluting Matt Owen for finding a lot of this stuff. Enjoy your severance pay, Matt!

‘Happy place, escapist, designer RPG’ of the week

Welcome to ‘Manyland’.

SEO thing of the week

Google’s keyword data apocalypse – the expert’s view

We round up some qualified thoughts about the hideous growth of (not provided). 

Bottom-pudding wibbly gif of the week

Econsultancy blog spam comment of the week

Posted by ‘CronoLire’ on 10 useful custom Google Analytics reports and dashboards for publishers.

On Thanksgiving Day my mom gave her annual celebratory toast.

What a mom you have, CronoLire, a creature of celebration and habit.

‘Who leads the Labour party?’ of the week

Thanks to the ever-fruitful Dan Barker for pointing out the metadata in Labour’s SERPS listing.

Wine Society copywriting of the week

Writing about wine is almost as fun as drinking it. The Wine Society shows how it should be done. A fairly staid example this week, though it comes with an entreaty that we all make more use of the words ‘totally implicated’.

The likes of Chapoutier, Paul Jaboulet Aîné and Guigal are so much more than mere merchants; often family owned, each are totally implicated in the production of wine, from the simplest to the grandest bottles that the Rhône produces.  

Single-idea Tumblr of the week


Andrew Warren-Payne quote of the week

The best utterance from our most English of Analysts.

I will continue to write profanities for posterity in this chat window 

Monogamous revelation of the week

The coelacanth is monogamous.

‘Obnoxious-web-design-and-personality symmetry’ of the week

Rush Limbaugh, of course.

Econsultancy a year ago

We published a Real Time Bidding Ecosystem infographic. 

‘Projection mapping on to moving objects’ of the week

Box from Bot & Dolly on Vimeo.

Arrestingly honest taxidermic assessment of the week