It’s Thursday, and as is traditional, we’ve spent a fair bit of time this week looking at some very silly things on the internet (who says we don’t put in the hours?).

This week’s things that made us go lol are listed as follows.

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Calming manatee generator of the week

Content marketing at its best from the ‘save the manatee’ campaign.

Call! Call to the wild and windswept seas with all your might, realease the heartbreaking words upon the storm and summon these lovely wobbly friendly manatees to de-stress.

‘David Bowie’s 100 favourite books of all time (and he includes VIZ!)’ of the week

That magnificent man. Click on his face to read his top 100 books.


Latin Breaking Bad remake of the week

Netflix scored a winner with Breaking Bad, with episodes of the final series available hours after being show in the US. Zeebox and other second screening activities saw incredible amounts of chatter, with care taken of course to avoid the spoiler. Now the series is being remade for Latin America. Check out the familiar yet strange characters and click to read more.


Hypnotic Freddie mercury gif of the week


Although frankly any Freddie gif is solid gold..



Wine society copywriting of the week

The Wine Society’s copywriting regularly blows our grape. Here’s my favourite copy from their latest email newsletter.

Jaboulet have always been able to source good parcels of old grenache from the slopes of the Ventoux.

‘Parcels of old grenache’ is simply perfection.

Nearly-built doomsday weapon of the week

Project Pluto. Click the image to find out more.

Andrew Warren-Payne quote of the week

The best utterance from our most English of Analysts. Two winners this week, one culinary, one completely mystifying.

1. My pores are sweating with chorizo, gin and grana padano.

2. This appendage would turn the ass into some low-status sousveillance unicorn.

‘Complicated statistical theory explained through the medium of modern dance’ of the week

 via BoingBoing.

Tumblr of the week

Political blingees! Remember MySpace Zwinkys? Remember when there were credible politicians fighting to better the lot of the common man? Why not remember both? Possibly while weeping. Click to explore.


Going viral near-miss of the week

Does anyone else think that the British transport Police have a really good video sting? Anyway in the immortal words of Alvin Stardust AND Kevin Keegan “You must be out of your tiny minds to cross without looking.”

Best US shutdown reportage of the week

I mean, that’s pretty amazing isn’t it? I wish we could get away with that. Well, apart from posting political blinkies obvs. Props to the NY Daily News.


Econsultancy blog spam comment of the week

Some invaluable NFL knowledge. Posted by ‘StatmeltFar’ on 10 useful custom Google Analytics reports and dashboards for publisher.

One thing you can count on, is the Broncos NOT going after a big name coach like Gruden, Cowher, Harbaugh etc.

Happy Mondays tweet of the week