Hello all readers and welcome to our newish thing, which was called ‘Crowdsauce‘. 

No doubt this shabby pun is in use in many places on the internet, but here it denotes a round-up post, potentially replacing our weekly infographic, where we can relax and share some fun or interesting stuff (caveat: mostly pointless).

It wasn’t doing very well, named ‘Crowd Sauce’, so we’ve gamified the title a little bit. I hope you don’t feel you were led here under false pretences?

The categories will likely differ each week. Let’s go…

Digital statistic of the week

On Google Glass: 79%  would feel a degree of embarrassment wearing the technology. According to research by Venda.

More from Econsultancy on Google Glass.

Slideshare of the week

A look at the hidden empire of Amazon.

More from Econsultancy on Amazon.

SEO thing of the week

Has Google really killed the PR industry?

Econsultancy a year ago

Publication of the Multichannel Retail Survey.

Single idea Tumblr of the week

This Charming Charlie. Genius, do click.

Health-conscious diaper app of the week

Check the balance of your child’s urine with this nappy-fronted QR code. The perfect use case!

Wine Society copywriting of the week

Lebanon’s Chateau Musar red is renowned for its remarkable ability to age.

But WineChap provides some healthy competition with this description of the same drop!:

[A] combination of tender youth and gamey ambition.

Brilliant stuff – a golden age for plonk poetry

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‘PR stunt gone wrong’ of the week 

People arrived with BB guns and knives on sticks for a race to grab smartphone vouchers hanging from helium balloons.

Read about it here. 

‘Robert-Downey-Jr-featuring mobile handset video ad’ of the week

Econsultancy blog spam comment of the week

From ‘Kajol’.

Two big punches on the ground later, and it was all over. Amazing. Jose Aldo defeats Chad Mendes by KO at 4:59 of round one. After the knockout, Aldo ran out of the ring and jumped in the crowd. They in turn lifted their hero on their shoulders and walked him around. These Brazilian crowds are something to behold. What a great night of fights. 

Andrew Warren-Payne quote of the week

A stand-out winner for best utterance from our most English of Analysts.

Help yourself to macaroons. Raspberry, lemon, and something I call ‘blue chocolate’.

Airfix model of the week

Review of new film, ‘Jobs’, a part-biopic of the Apple founder, of the week

From The Grauniad.

[Steve Jobs] would have taken a big steaming dump on it and handed it back and no one would be able to tell what was the turd and what was the movie.