It’s the end of the month so finally I can empty my locker of all the fantastic branded Instagram videos I’ve been hoarding for the last four weeks.

It’s the spookiest month of the year too, so expect a few bats to come flying out along with a witch’s broom or two.

Oh and uh… maybe don’t look in that plastic carrier bag at the bottom. There’s nothing there that would interest you.


Let’s begin with some Halloween treats from Oreo.

National Geographic

Somehow not an actual Halloween video, but fifty times creepier than anything else on here, especially after you read the Instagram description.  Mind controlling parasitic wasp!? 


It looks as if Ford is getting in on the prankvertising game with this little teaser.

American Horror Story

The returning US TV show has been introducing its followers to its new cast of… uh… freaks this month.

Red Bull

Although nothing particular different from its usual far, this is splendidly shot in slo-mo and has a great soundtrack.


Some inspiration for the master builders inside all of us.

General Electric

A brilliant pan from the top of GE’s Fort Worth facility where we can see a locomotive that can pull the weight equivalent of a Boeing 747.

Adidas Originals

A surprisingly soft, Autumnal effort from the sportswear brand.


A PS4 being constructed in the realm of Minecraft

Burger King

Finally after a few months of toiling in the depths of mediocre Instagram hell, Burger King has started to improve.


A terrifying yet beautiful effort from GoPro this month.

Bath and Body Works

I highlight this video not because I think it’s any good, I highlight it to reveal there’s a national handwashing day.

And to think I’ve been washing my hands on non-handwashing days. I won’t make that mistake anymore.

For even more economically delivered branded marvels, check out last month’s Instagram video round-up.

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