Like a stat out of hell I’ll be gone when the morning comes.

Just like Meat Loaf wailed in his popular hard rock anthem all the best internet stats arrive with the sirens screaming and the fires howling, but sooner than you can say “hmm that is an interesting stat” it has already hit the highway like a battering ram on a silver-black phantom bike.

But don’t be sad, two out of three stats aren’t bad.


Posterscope recently hosted a roundtable on real-time technologies in real-time digital out-of-home (the acronym for which is the ‘just different enough not to be sued by the producers of The Simpsons’ DOOH). 

Out of more than 100 UK marketing leaders surveyed, it found that 72% will look to run a real-time DOOH campaign in 2015, whilst 87% think it would enable more targeted advertising for their brands.

Spotify’s user figures

After adding 10m new users in the last two months of 2014, Spotify now has 60m users including 15m paying subscribers, according to The Guardian. 

The paying subscriber figure is up from 12.5m in early November, when Spotify last released figures at the height of its dispute with musician Taylor Swift.

The company has also maintained its conversion rate of 25% of its users paying for the service since May 2014, when it reached 40m users and 10m subscribers.

Here’s a picture of Spotify founder Daniel Ek probably enjoying his own streaming service, although we can’t really be sure.

How did you spend your Christmas money?

Data released by Bigcommerce reveals how consumers spent their money on Christmas day, in addition to trends supporting the sharp rise in mobile shopping

  • Merchants saw sales increase by 34% in Q4.
  • In 2014, retailers processed 24% more orders during Cyber Week with stores averaging 27% higher revenues than in 2013.
  • During Q4, shoppers buying from independent online retailers used a mobile device to complete 30% of purchases. 
  • Consumer electronics is the single largest ecommerce category and experienced a 41% increase in per store sales.

Here are the top desktop and mobile sales days by quarter.

How well did click and collect really do over Christmas?

Following on from Postcode Anywhere’s claim that 95% of online shoppers will use click and collect during Christmas, the company has just revisited the research to find that the results are somewhat shy of this prediction. Although it still reflects a growing trend for this method of fulfilment.

  • 47% of UK consumers used click and collect this Christmas
  • Most popular category for this method of delivery was fashion, gadgets and household technology such as TVs
  • Least popular goods for purchase using Click and Collect included the more bulky items such as furniture and kitchenware, with only 3% of shoppers using this delivery method.

Read the following article to find out exactly what we learnt about click and collect this Christmas.

Airbnb’s biggest night

New Year’s Eve 2014 saw 550,000 travellers use Airbnb, it’s busiest night so far. Of those 550,000 guests checking in, 91,000 were new guests using Airbnb for the first time. For contrast, five years ago it had roughly 2,000 people using the service on the same night.

Here’s a rather nice looking interactive map, created by Airbnb to celebrate.

Non marketing stat of the week

In chess there are 169,518,829,100,544,000,000,000,000,000 ways to play the first ten moves. And yet without fail my first move is always sitting down, staring at the board and saying “hmmm, I’ve forgotten how to play. How about Monopoly?”

Who is using programmatic?

Undertone has revealed the results of canvassing the views of 750 advertisers on programmatic…

Click the above image for a much more information contained on a gigantic infographic. 

Satisfaction not guaranteed

Customer satisfaction in the UK has plunged to its lowest point since 2010, according to the Institute of Customer Service.

Retailers John Lewis and Amazon have topped the charts for delivering high levels of customer satisfaction however. Southern Water, Yorkshire Water and United Utilities registered the largest improvement in satisfaction score over the past year.

Mobile use for travel and holidays rapidly becoming the norm

One in four people use their mobiles to book (28%) or pay (24%) for their daily commute, a figure double that of 2013.

This is according to new research from BuzzCity revealing the habits of today’s connected traveller. Holiday booking habits have also changed noticeably. There has been an increase of 50% in mobile use across business and leisure travellers, with 30% relying purely on their mobiles to make last minute bookings.

This makes mobile the most preferred device for ticket purchases or room bookings.

The love list

Here are the top 10 brands ranked according to their perception on social media by Hootsuite.

Mobile app sales increase 

NN4M reports an average 40% increase in iPhone, Android and iPad app transactions between 21 November 2014 and 4 January 2015 compared to the same time in the previous year. It also saw a 250% increase in Android app sales and a 37% increase in iPhone app sales over the same shopping period.

When comparing sales overall for 2014 compared to 2013, NN4M found that Android showed by far the strongest growth with a 206% increase in like-for-like sales, while iPhone grew by 67% and iPad grew by 58%.

Budweiser, the king of the Super Bowl

Three of the top four most shared Super Bowl ads of all time come from Budweiser, according to Unruly. However despite Budweiser claiming three of the top four most shared ads of all time, Volkswagen’s 2011 spot “The Force” continues to hold onto the top spot. Here are Unruly’s top Super Bowl Ads of all time:

  1. The Force: Volkswagen Commercial – Super Bowl 2011 – 5.2m shares 
  2. Budweiser: 9/11 Commercial – Super Bowl 2002 – 3.4m shares
  3. Budweiser: “Brotherhood” – Super Bowl 2013 – 2.8m shares 
  4. Budweiser: “Puppy Love” – Super Bowl 2014 – 2m shares 
  5. Ram Trucks: “Farmer” – Super Bowl 2013 – 1.9m shares 
  6. Universal: Fast & Furious 6 – Big Game Spot – Super Bowl 2013 – 1.5m shares 
  7. Chevrolet: OK Go – Needing/Getting – Official Video – Super Bowl 2012 – 1.3m shares 
  8. The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser – Super Bowl 2012 901,587 shares 
  9. Universal: Fast Five Trailer – Super Bowl 2011 – 886,669 shares 
  10. Star Trek Into Darkness – Official Teaser – Super Bowl 2013 – 705,935 shares 

Non-marketing infographic of the week

Keeping thematically with the introduction, here are the things Meat Loaf would do for love.

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