Welcome to you all! This week in the Econsultancy content team, we’ve been laughing at precisely 14 things.

This week’s round up includes porcupines, groin gifs, and an excellent Slideshare from Twitter’s Bruce Daisley. 

They are listed below for your mutual amusement.

SEO thing of the week

Comments still going strong here on Google devaluation of the press release. Do add your thoughts, friends.

Has Google really just killed the PR industry?

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Single idea Tumblr of the week

Things fitting perfectly into things!

Wine Society Copywriting of the week

The Wine Society regularly blow our grape with their copywriting.

When we think of Italian wine two words spring to mind: diversity and confusion.

From Piedmont there is peachy, silk-textured arneis and tangy, lime-tinged cortese.

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Plum of the week

This one.. (via @wgx)

‘Future ecommerce feel-o-rama’ tech of the week

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Consumerist Daily Mail comment of the week

From the story of two UK tourists being arrested in Peru for suspected drug trafficking.

Econsultancy a year ago

How the internet can save the high street

Perpetual groin gif of the week

Econsultancy blog spam comment of the week

From KigPhextsette on Six delicious YouTube channels from brands.

Each game is devised to test a certain skill set in the Dads, so they can find out who’s the strongest, fastest, smartest, and bravest.

Aurora Australis gif of the week

It was a close call, but this was the best.

Andrew Warren-Payne quote of the week

A stand-out winner for best utterance from our most English of Analysts.

I expect he inhales it through his enlarged, alcoholic proboscis.

Slideshare of the week

If any of you haven’t seen Bruce Daisley’s Marketing in the Moment slide deck, here it is…

Bruce Daisley – Digital Journeys from DigitalJourneys

‘Actual real-life plan to clone John Lennon from a tooth’..of the week

Classy typography Tumblr of the week