Welcome to our monthly round-up of the best branded Instagram videos from the last four weeks.

As I said at the top of this month’s Vine round-up, it being February you  can probably expect the usual mixture of Valentine, pancake and Oscar related mirth.

You’ll also get to enjoy some cool polar bear action too.

Anyway, it probably just took you longer to read that introduction than it will to watch all these videos, so let’s get on with the show.


Thanks to GoPro you can see what being a snowboarder is like without spending thousands of pounds on a jacket and shattering both your ankles.

General Electric

The closest Instagram will ever come to the last 30 minutes of 2001: a Space Odyssey.

The closest Instagram will ever come to spending 30 minutes with my Dad.


Because it’s always you and me, always, and for… hang on I need to stop for a coffee because I get ratty in the morning.

Mr Porter

I’m not sure it makes me want to buy clothes, but it sure does make me want to go on a Badlands style crime-spree across California. Sold!

National Geographic 

Insects feeding on a bioluminescent mushroom looks exactly like a hallucination you might have after feeding on a bioluminescent mushroom.

Red Bull

The usual fun and bone-crunching frolics from Red Bull this month, but the brand really makes an effort to make these videos as slick and attractive as possible with music, effects and editing. Something that Instagram has the superiority over Vine with.


Trying desperately to usher in the inevitable era when all news stories are relayed using just three emojis. See if you can guess what the US flag, OMG face and creepy hand are trying to say.



One of the few perfectly looping videos I’ve seen from brands on Instagram. Here’s a polar bear with a fake moustache, boom-box and gold chain riding a skateboard. I suppose it doesn’t have to be a fake moustache. It could well be real. I might go outside for a bit.


The sneaker maker is celebrating Andy Warhol with a whole series of Instagram video montages. If you leave this running in the background all day, you’ll easily eclipse the running time of Warhol’s Empire by the way.


“Get out of the way guys, you’re blocking the car”


Check out this awesome flipping LEGO.


Continuing its tradition of experiential marketing. It’s pretty cool until you realise its plonked right outside your apartment window.


You had me at ‘red velvet cookie’.

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