Discovery Channel

This clip of a koala yawning and struggling to stay awake is enough to make anyone’s day better. But then you realise it’s highlighting the fact Koalas could one day be extinct because humans are basically awful.  

Dscovery channel instagram video


More lovely animated antics from Starbucks. If this doesn’t make you feel festive enough to spend your money at an international corporate coffee chain I don’t know what will. 

Starbucks instagram video


If you don’t like this clip of an astronaut playing colourful silly buggers with a droplet of water in zero gravity then you need to lower your amazement threshold. 

NASA instagram video


These insanely well-synchronised dancers at the Macy’s Parade are quite satisfying to watch. 

macy's instagram video

General Electric

Climate change deniers look away now! This is another great example of a techie brand finding the beauty in its products. 

General electric instagram video


Everyone’s favourite archetypal American biscuit brand has produced a quirky little Christmas animation. Although they don’t call them biscuits over there. 

Oreo instagram video


Here’s one for any life-long gaming geeks like me. A lovely little nostalgia trip through 20 years of Playstation history. 

Playstation instagram video


I watched this clip from Lego for far too long. Possibly with my mouth hanging open like a lobotomy patient. Perhaps I need more coffee…

Lego instagram video


Another adrenaline rush from everyone’s favourite extreme camera brand. I never get bored of watching people do ridiculous stuff in super slow motion. 

GoPro instagram video

National Geographic

Once again I urge you to follow this account. Unless you don’t like beautiful and mind-expanding images of nature of course, in which case who even are you? 

National geographic instagram video

Jamie Oliver

Who wouldn’t want to see Jamie Oliver dressed as a Stormtrooper dancing like a sleaze and being called ‘smutty’ by a lady off camera who may or may not be his wife?

Jamie oliver instagram video

Red Bull

This kid is 16. My biggest achievement at that age was drinking a whole bottle of White Lightning without being sick on myself. But hey, I turned out OK, right? RIGHT?

Red bull insatgram video


How do you make PCs seem exciting? By filling them with psychedelic light shows and playing trippy off-beat dance tunes in the background. 

intel instagram video

Little Ceasers Pizza

This clip from Little Ceasers is interesting because it uses a combination of video and animation. It’s also fairly amusing. 

little ceasers pizza instagram video