What are we to expect this month from branded efforts on the foremost social video network?

I really hope Vine didn’t hear me say that… Anyway, what do we have this month?

We have excellent Instagram videos from brands as varied as LEGO, GoPro and National Geographic, covering a range of topics from the coming of autumn, the ubiquitous nature of extreme sports and rocking and rolling all niiiiiiiiiiiggggghht!

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’10 days of Hyperlapse’ gives users the chance to create a LEGO themed Instagram using Hyperlapse, tag it with #HyperBuild and then they’ll be in with a chance to win one of 10 LEGO sets. Just another example of how LEGO puts community first in social.

General Electric

This is a beautiful and rather retro little animation from GE. You can even see the felt-tip pen strokes.


Autumn is here with all of its indulgent sludginess and excuses to consume vast quantities of limited edition pumpkin flavoured goodies. Quick before it’s November!

National Geographic

The ever fascinating and globe-trotting National Geographic has this peak into a photographer’s intrepid location scout mission. Those squirrels aren’t going to take pictures of themselves now are they?


Ford has taken to Hyperlapse rather well. This was shot during the World Maker faire. 

And this is much better than all the ones I’ve tried to make while sat the front of a Hackney bus.

Red Bull

Expectation of a Red Bull video: satisfied!


Showing off its brand new 4K is this sublime collection of breath-taking footage.

Nike Skateboarding

Think your brand needs to feature extreme sports to be successful on Instagram? Yeah you might be right.

That being said, kittens work too.


Very simple, but very effective. Still can’t fit Christopher on a bottle though! Not that I’m bitter or anything.

Virgin America

Virgin America conducts a taste test with four top chefs in just 15 seconds. It’s an economical and well edited little wonder.

Taco Bell

Neat and efficient way to show off its new range of packet sauces or laziest Instagram video ever made? Probably a mixture of the two.


The New York department store sharing footage of Kiss because… well why the heck not?

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