Here are February’s very best branded Vines, including efforts celebrating the month’s biggest events: Valentine’s Day, the Winter Olympics, Super Bowl and that time when I found my car keys.

Much like January’s 14 best branded Vines, I feel it’s only right to add some context before the following 72 seconds of entertainment commences, in the form of relaying the latest news about Vine.

Here it is: Vine still hasn’t added a search field to its desktop site. Thanks Vine. Thanks a lot.

Anyway, on with the smallest show on Earth:

The American discounts site which inexplicably only has 79 followers on Vine right now, uploaded these brilliant Super Bowl parodies on the night of the big game.

See your favourite Super Bowl ads and football moments reenacted by sock puppets. That’s right.

Take that, Scarlett Johansson!

Take that, Denver Broncos!

I’m out of my depth here.


As a relative newcomer, Ford are already winning at Vine, using a mixture of humour with very subtle brand positioning…

Beautifully crafted stop motion animation…

And Philip K. Dick references.

Samsung Mobile US

Ah the infinite loop I have been searching for you for so long, and here you are, right where I should have looked in the first place: Samsung Mobile’s Vine feed.

Here’s another beauty from Samsung to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So much lo-fi charm from the massive technology corporation.

Lonely Planet

Speaking of Valentine’s Day (I’m getting really great at segues thanks to these round-ups) here’s Lonely Planet’s charming little effort that’s not too sickly. Although it probably still is a little bit.


You can keep your never-ending cookie, I’m spoilt enough by all of this infinite loop goodness.

Not really. Give me a cookie.


This is a beautifully executed Vine that shows an awful lot of thought and attention to detail. Best soundtrack of the month too.

Also from Intel, check out the versatility of Intel’s pentium processor. It runs everything from notepads to laptops to Spain.


It’s not really sleight of hand though is it. It’s just editing. Very clever editing. Editing so good that only a wizard could… hang on a minute.

Dove Men Care

Tap to pick your hairstyle. Note the lack of bald option. 


I knew I’d find a good Winter Olympics themed Vine eventually. Here Visa let’s you know how it feels to travel to Sochi by being shot out of a cannon.

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