Digital marketing, communications and advertising isn’t now just restricted to the internet, especially as online channels continue to develop and merge into offline ones.

For example, we’re seeing traditional advertising space, such as television and outdoor display evolving into digitally-driven platforms, like connected TV and electric billboards.

Here are 14 truly great examples of where technology acts as the glue between digital and traditional advertising space…


Adobe makes a great effort to use an interactive billboard to reflect the possibilities of its CS3 product.


Building an interactive, 34-metre long walkway in an airport is no mean feat, but Barclays managed to pull it off effortlessly. 


Even luxury brands are getting in on the action, with Chanel opting for an interactive window in one of its storefronts. 


FMCGs are heavy brand advertisers and by creating an interactive kiosk, Coke is entering exciting new territory. 


Mixing digital and physical in their shopfront, Diesel has managed to create an entirely new concept of engagment. 


Again, another interactive storefront to showcase products in an engaging way. 


LG opts for smaller, more hands-on interaction, by infusing kiosk technology with a standard outdoor poster placement.


Nestlé’s Nesquik promotion dominates an entire window. It’s a compelling piece of creative. 


Opting for a digital book, Nike is able to showcase a large variety of products outside its store. 


The mobile phone operator has chosen an interactive window outside the store, in an effort to attract potential customers. 

Scion (Toyota)

Here we see several interactive walls from the car manufacturer. 


Here, Siemens has developed a Minority Report-esque interactive wall. 


A great use of interative windows from Sony. 


A great mashup from Verizon: augmented reality, interactive display and store-front advertising. 

Honourable mentions

These examples also caught my eye. Although they aren’t explicitly display advertising, they still deserve mentions, as they highlight what can be achieved through the creative use of current and developing technologies. 


Blackberry developed an augmented reality catwalk experience, as part of London fashion week. 


Digital vending machines will be the way forward, as demonstrated already by Coke. 


Disney highlights its technology-driven stores. From around 45 seconds in, there are interactive mirrors and user-driven content. 

North Face

Already, there’s a lot of kiosk technology in physical stores, but North Face demonstrates what levels this can go to. 


A little bit old, but still a great example of traditional billboard advertising meeting mobile. 

What did I miss? Have you seen any other examples of this kind of technology being used by brands? Let me know in the comments!