This round-up covers a whole two weeks’ worth of brilliant entertainments, distractions and hijinks that we found on the internet.

Yes the round-up took the extended Easter weekend off. It gorged itself on roasted meats, truffle chocolates and port before swearing at its family and waddling off back home to watch the entire first series of Hannibal in bed.

Does that mean that this week’s edition will be a double-bumper load of wonderful content? You’d think so wouldn’t you?

Here’s the round-up, that will no doubt include a Game of Thrones reference somewhere…

Everything Chunk eats in The Goonies

Bon Appétit’s Rochelle Billow documented every single food-stuff that Chunk either consumes or mentions in The Goonies, because no life is too short apparently.

Estimated calories consumed by Chunk: 2,791.5. Estimated calories consumed by the reporter: a disappointingly pretentious half a kabocha squash and an entire head of kale. The nerve of some people!

100 brand new emojis for you to enjoy

Just click on the Vine to pick one. Will it be ‘goose experimenting with black magic’? or just good old ‘Paul Rudd’?

“Get to the chopper”

Want to see Jean Claude Van Damme running around the jungle in a really crappy rubber costume? Course you do.

This is how the Predator from… uh… The Predator nearly looked.

The Infinite Jukebox

For when your favourite song just isn’t long enough. Click below for ‘I Feel Love’ but you can upload your own.

It’s like Stir Crazy only without Gene Wilder

Brilliant Tumblr site Awful Review Posters replaces film poster pull-quotes with one star Amazon customer reviews.

The above was from The Shawshank Redemption. Some are more deserving than others…

Are we go for powered descent?

This is just incredible. An endlessly interactive exploration of the Apollo 11 lunar landing as experienced minute-by-minute by its crew and Mission Control.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the reason for the internet.

Where’s Tom Servo?

Probably pushing the obscurity of this round-up somewhat, but then if you’re with me on this one then I will send Torgo around to your office with a box of mini-muffins


I can’t be the only miserable git who hates that bloody ‘Happy’ song can I?

To push my case even further, here’s the video to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ without the music. It’s kinda sad. Kinda disturbing.

I can see the music

As my esteemed colleague David Moth said when recommending this mind-twisting visual album from George and Jonathan, “ho-ly hell this is a website!” He’s dead right.

Told you there would be a Game of Thrones reference

Here’s an incredibly detailed fan-made map of… oh I’ve just realised I don’t know the name of the world that Game of Thrones is set in.

It’s not Westeros is it? That’s the continent right?


Every single ‘F word’ in The Wolf of Wall Street. No, not that one.

36 photos of Stormtroopers doing awesome things

They can’t hit a barn door with a blaster rifle from 10 yards but they can rock out like a boss. Click below for more.

The bus that couldn’t slow down

This guy is trying to collect every single copy of Speed on VHS in existence. Why? The reasons will bore you and make you feel a bit weary.

I’m not sure if the guy deserves the attention, but this article is useful in drawing your attention to what might be the very nadir of Vice journalism.

Google Maps: now with time travel

Google has introduced a neat little feature within Street View that lets you see images of the same location from the past seven years. Here’s the 2014 World Cup stadium in Brazil for instance…

I’ll leave that one to hang in the wind and say goodbye.

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