Stats the way I like it.

There’s been a shift in command here at stats HQ, which has left this guy (lifts hand from keyboard briefly to point at self) in charge.

So from now on you’ll be seeing a few changes around here. Number one: more terrible puns. 

And that’s about it. Wouldn’t want to rock the boat too much. Now on with the statalaunch!

Christmas shopping forecast

The UK is going to spend £17.4bn online this Christmas, which is almost one in every four pounds. This is according to the Centre of Retail Research. 

The research also revealed some global spend forecasts…

  • Tablets to account for £2.1bn of all sales
  • Smartphones to account for £3bn
  • Total sales to reach £74bn
  • Online sales to reach £17.4bn
  • Average UK household to spend £775 on the festive season.
  • The UK is the biggest spender in Europe, followed by Germany (£61.2bn) then France (£54.9bn)

Ecommerce is predicted to account for 23.4% of Christmas sales this year, up from 20% in 2013, while brick and mortar sales are expected to decline by 2.1%.

The full Monty

I’ve got your big John Lewis Monty the Penguin numbers for you right here (courtesy of Amobee Brand Intelligence).

  • Monty the Penguin saw a 903% increase in online brand consumption for John Lewis.

Comparing this to similar retailers, House of Fraser increased 610% and interest around Debenhams increased 160%.

  • There have been 178,000 tweets around #MontyThePenguin since the campaign began on November 6.
  • 3.5 positive tweets for every negative tweet
  • The sentiment is 35% positive, 60% neutral and only 5% negative around the penguin campaign.
  • As of 20/11/14 there have been over 15,684,747 views of the advert on YouTube.

The consumer perception of online vs. offline

Displaydata uncovered the following statistics around multichannel retail and consumer perceptions…

  • 48% of UK consumers think retailers don’t offer the same promotions in-store as they do online.
  • 76% of shoppers research online before heading into store when buying products, which is driving increased expectations around pricing synergies across channels
  • Yet, almost half of shoppers (46%) think retailers offer different prices online and offline
  • Shoppers now demand higher levels of product information in-store. 42% consider staff to be poorly informed, while almost a quarter (28%) wanted more information around stock availability.

And here’s a handy infographic for your tired eyes…

Tech wars

Purch discovered a lack of brand loyalty this approaching holiday season with 52% of 3,373 tech ‘enthusiasts’ considering a new smartphone are happy to switch carriers.

The report also discovered that…

  • Wearables are losing: interest in smart-watches is a low 9%, with fitness trackers at just 8%.
  • The top brands are: Samsung (50%), Asus (40%), and MSFT (38%), all of which beat Apple in interest (28%).
  • Advertising failure: only 12% of those surveyed rely on advertising when shopping for tech
  • Multichannel shopping: 74% said they prefer to do their shopping online AND in-store. 

The not-so humble power of Shakira

Drum roll… It’s Shakira’s music video ‘La La La’ for Activia and the 2014 World Cup, with 5.8m shares. This is more than double the amount of second placed “Devil Baby Attack’ (2.1m). 

Head over to the 20 most shared ads of 2014 to see the rest of the chart. 

She blinded me with neuroscience

News UK Commercial looked at how print and tablet advertising and content deliver levels of engagement and memorability.

It basically discovered that they all deliver the same.

Also the position of content on the page, whether it’s on the right or left, has no impact on attention levels.

This challenges the general industry view that the platform drives behaviour, rather than the content. 

Although there are some minor physical differences in how people access newspaper content on different platforms, if it is presented consistently, the way they process the information is similar across both content and advertising. 

We are the voice

Our new Voice of the Customer report highlights the need to manage customer experience.

This is key in driving loyalty, retention and high CLV.

In the report we asked our respondents what do you see as the business benefits of an integrated customer experience?”

88% of companies and 83% of agencies said ‘improved customer retention and brand loyalty’.

Non-marketing stat of the week

13 people are killed every year by vending machine’s falling on them.

Little fish, massive pond

Unruly revealed that just 17.9% of internet users account for 80% of video shares

Almost one in five online users share videos with their social networks more than once a week. The majority of video shares may occur on Facebook (59%), for the remainder there is a fairly even split across multiple platforms.

Who’d be a digital marketing manager?

Marin commissioned Censuswide to gather the views of digital marketing managers and discovered that nearly three quarters of them (72%) believe their job has become more complicated in the last year.

67% say online needs to be better integrated with offline marketing, and two thirds (66%) say more needs to be done to integrate different digital marketing disciplines (paid search, social, SEO and display) with each other.

The respondents also revealed their five top priorities in 2015: 

  • Better integrating our on and offline marketing efforts (46%)
  • Creating campaigns based on deeper understanding of audiences (41%)
  • Better integrating our digital marketing disciplines (37%)
  • Cross-channel digital marketing (35%)
  • Working more closely with our IT/tech team (29%) 

Non-marketing data-visualisation of the week

Taken from the excellent Information is Beautiful site (which I covered here in 10 beautiful data visualisations) here’s a chart that proves how inexplicably overrated bulldogs are.

Umbrellas at the ready, mobile saturation is imminent

The Ericsson Mobility Report predicts that the number of mobile subscriptions will grow from the current figure of 7.1bn to 9.5bn by 2020

Smartphone subscriptions are forecast to grow three times as fast to reach a total of 6.1bn by the same year.

During the Q3 2014, there were 110m new mobile subscriptions globally, with Asia-Pacific accounting for nearly half of these and Africa almost one quarter. 

You sort of complete me

More than three quarters of video ads were played to completion during Q3 2014, according to latest figures, but only one in five was actually in view to the user.

According to Integral Ad Science, the fact that overall video completion rates were much higher than viewable video completion rates was “indicative of significant frequency of autoplay and of disruptive user-behaviour, such as scrolling videos out of view as they are playing”. So there, that’s what you get for ignoring all those cat videos on Facebook, confusing science.

You Get What YouGov

Much like the rest of the internet this week, we’ve been having some fun with the YouGov Profiles tool. 

Here anyone, including marketing teams, can extrapolate data from the YouGov vaults in order to segment and target relevant customers more accurately.

So basically, if you type in a brand or famous person into the tool, you will learn what the quintessential fan of that particular search term also likes.

Here’s what we discovered… 

  • The quintessential fan of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe believes that religion has done more bad than good.
  • The quintessential Pac-Man fan works in a shop in Yorkshire and enjoys the music of LL Cool J.
  • The quintessential consumer of Tangy Cheese flavour Doritos has a crush on Drew Barrymore and could probably throw you over their shoulder Judo-style.
  • The quintessential Iron Maiden fan loves onion rings and thinks adverts are a waste of time.
  • The quintessential fan of Jeremy Clarkson is in fact Jeremy Clarkson…